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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

HALF A LOAF Chapter 5 Remember Me

Departing is such Sweet Sorrow
During my free time in the summer, I had spent a lot of time with Sally and we were very comfortable with each other.

Occasionally we would kiss but it was more like a friendship kiss.  It wasn’t a kiss of passion where there was a lot of heavy breathing and stuff.

I pretty well managed to keep my hands to myself and if I inadvertently touched her somewhere verboten she would give me her no, no look and that was that.  

She had gone with me when I picked up my college books and we stopped to eat at one of the small bistro’s that were prevalent near the university.

While eating she saw a table of trashy individuals sitting nearby.  She spoke to one of them and tried to converse with him but he wasn’t too coherent.

Later I had to ask why she tried to strike up a conversation with him and she said he was one of her old schoolmates and he was making some wrong decisions.

His family was rich and they wanted him out of the house.  They give him some survival money just to stay away from them.  She said I know several others there but he was enough to satisfy her curiosity about his new lifestyle.

I told her I didn’t find them very interesting but they were smart enough to get in the university and that had to count for something.  I recall how hard it was for me to get my grades up to the schools standard.

She said, “I’m finished and am ready to go if you are.”

I replied, “Let’s get out of here.”

Sally had driven us to Cal and on the way home she said, “School starts in two weeks and I am leaving tomorrow.  I could have told you sooner but you would have been thinking about it all summer.  This way we were free from worrying about the day approaching.”

I answered, ‘We only have the rest of the day to be together?”

She said, ‘Yes, I’m already packed except a few things I will carry with me.”

She said, “Come home with me and we will just sit and talk about the past and the future.”

When we reached her house I greeted her mother and then called my folks to tell them I would be late getting in or at least I hoped it would be late.  We sat and talked about the things we did this summer and I had dinner with them.

After dinner we went up to Sally’s room which was almost like an apartment and really said very little.  

As we lay on her bed I was thinking about a couple of guys who were in a similar situation as I was who made it for the first time with their girl friend before they left for college.

I knew that wasn’t going to happen with us, but the thought was there anyhow.

I was just getting settled in about seven o’clock when there was a knock at the door and her mother came in and said, “Say your goodbyes for I have much to finish up with Sally and she needs to get her rest for the trip.  Ten more minutes and then you must leave.”

I politely said, “Thank you for the meal and you’re hospitality, I’ll be going shortly.”

Sally could see I was not taking her leaving very well.  I had counted on staying most of the night and being shown the door much later and it wasn’t helping the situation.  

As I sat there pouting she said, “I will be right back.”

My ten minutes was just about up and I thought, “Don’t leave me.”

She was only gone for a moment and then was back.

I said, “I don’t want your mother to have to come back again so I better go.”

She said, “I want you to remember me while I’m gone.”

I said, “That’s crazy, I will be thinking of you all the time.”

She said, “Just to make sure you do I want you to remember these.”  

With that she raised her blouse and… well just let me say I remembered them… I mean her all the time.

After embracing for awhile I said, “Goodbye, see you at Christmas… I hope. Write me when you have time.  
We will both be busy and writing will be hard to find time for. If you send me your number I will call you sometime.”

As I left the house I couldn’t help but wonder about other kids who were facing a similar situation as Sally and I and how they are handling it.  What they did or are doing before their separation.

Even with understanding the why for’s it was still a confusing time.  I felt like I was losing her and feared I wouldn’t get her back.  

The one thing I knew was that being away among who knows what kind of girls; she was going to change.  She wouldn’t be the same for that is what going away without the restraints of parents is suppose to do.

Would her strong character be enough to not scum to their level of morality?
I comforted myself by thinking she surely will stay above the peer pressure to experiment as many have already done.

There wasn’t anyone I could discuss this with for my peers would say, “Man this is college, it is give it up time.”

I further thought it can’t be as bad I am surmising or could it.

To be Continued 

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