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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Un Believable!!
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My grades arrived and I was about forth in my major.  Of course Laney did a little better than me.  She left on vacation with her folks leaving me to my own devices.

I was working a full shift but in the evenings I began to study for my next years classes.  I went fishing with my dad, something I hadn’t done for some time.

Boredom was beginning to set in and all the things I used as a distraction were growing tiresome.  

One evening as I was leaving the market my three detestable schoolmates were being their loathsome selves and they were looking at what seem to be photos.  They called me over and said here is someone you might know.

They were scrutinizing some eight by ten glossy photos of a naked girl whom I recognized immediately as being Sally.  There were several pictures that showed a variety of different poses.  

Immediately I demanded they give them to me for they had no business with them.

They said they were going to have copies made and spread them all over the town. Then they began to make obscene remarks about her and were also making fun of me at the same time.

Once again I said for them to give the pictures to me.  The main man shoved me and said I would have to take them if I wanted them.

I was still carrying the brass knuckles I had bought over a year ago and instinctively I reach in my pocket and as I brought them out I hit the biggest one in the chest three quick punches.  He just stood there motionless while I swung back handedly and hit another in the jaw and broke it.

The other one started begging not to be hit and fell to his knees.  I stood over him, threatening him with my arm drawn back.

I told him to help me get the punks into their car.  Then I picked up the photos and told him to drive to Sally’s home.  Her father had returned from vacation leaving Sally and her mother on the keys.

When we arrived I told the punk I hadn’t hit yet to stay with the car and I took the keys.

Sally’s dad opened the door and was surprised to see me.  I told him to come with me to the car to which he said, what’s this all about.  When he saw the guys in bad shape he started to say who did this and I handed him the pictures.

Immediately rage was beginning to show itself in his demeanor.  I brought him up to date on what had occurred so far.

Sally’s Dad said, “Drive the car around to the garage and park it.”

Reaching into the car, he pulled out the one who was uninjured and twisted his arm up between his shoulders causing him to start screaming.

He said, “We have something to talk about don’t we?”  He told me to stay with the car and make sure the other two didn’t go anywhere.

That was easy for they weren’t moving.  After twenty minutes two big monster size men came and Sally’s father said for me to go home and not to say anything about what happened to anyone, ever.

He told me to take one of his cars and drive it until he had it picked up.

As I left I saw the classmates were in bad shape but thought they might be in worse shape before it was over.

The next time I saw the three punks was some time later.  One had his jaw wired together.  I figured I had done that to him; the big guy walked with difficulty and was in great pain when he coughed.  I didn’t do all of that, and the one I didn’t hurt was walking on crutches with one arm in a cast which wasn’t easy to do.

I knew I didn’t have anything to do with hurting him.  They wouldn’t talk to anyone about what happened so I guess that was the reason I wasn’t hauled in for hitting them with the knucks.

I also surmised that the two monster men must have given them some final instructions before they were driven to the doctors.  When their car was found, it had suffered a lot of damage due to it being wrecked, so that must have accounted for their condition.  

It was several years later I found out that my three friends were very talkative or at least one of them was.  He told the monstrous men who it was that sent the photos to them and how the whole thing came about.

Sally’s dad made a phone call to Chicago and shortly they had all the photos and all the negatives and the perpetrators had paid a great price for their folly.

As it turned out, Sally never knew anything about what happened.  She only knew she woke up with a headache at one of the frat houses which had burned down somewhat suspiciously.

Shortly afterward Sally’s dad met me in the parking lot at the market and said, “How’s your memory?” and eyed me sternly.

I said, “Terrible, I can hardly remember a thing.”

He said, “Let’s keep it that way.”  Then he said, “That car you are driving, keep it, it’s yours.”

I started to object but knew better than to say anything except, “Thank you, it sure is nice.”

It was nice.  I laughed to myself after he was gone and said, “If I knew he was going to give me the car I drove home I would have taken the new Rolls Royce.”  

I never would have guessed Sally’s dad had those kinds of connections.  To all who knew him in this city he was a gentle giving citizen and wouldn’t hurt anyone.

It has been many, many years since I would allow myself to even think of those events.

Just before school started he called me and said he had a job working for him making over twice what I was making at the market.

I asked him why he wanted me to work for him and he said, “So I can keep an eye on you.”

That made me feel a little uneasy but I was ready for my next classes.

I had a nearly new car, a new job, and a friend with connections.

To be Continued

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