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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Two Girl Friends for Lon
Being alone with Sally, I wondered what was going to happen next.  I tried to relax but was having a little trouble because being with her in her bedroom was making me nervous.
I remembered what Laney had said, “Just say hello and see where it goes” so I said “Hello.”
She grinned and said, “Hello.”
After a moment of silence she said, “Did you ever think of me while I was gone?”
I didn’t know what to say, of course I thought of her all the time.  I said, “Well yes, partly you gave me something to remember you by.”
She said, “What was that?… oh yes I remember now… did it help you remember.”
“It sure did,” I replied.
Things were a little less tense now and she said, “Would you like me to refresh your memory?”
I said, “Maybe a little later… before you return to Princeton.”
She said, ‘Okay,” and we both laughed as the feelings of closeness began to return.
She said, “I haven’t been as fair with you as I should have been.”
I said, “Things change as we grow up.  Feelings change, outlook changes desires and goals change so it is expected alliances are tested.  If I had a question it would be did our friendship survive?”
She said, “I hope so for you are the truest friend I have.” 
Then she put her arms around me and held me close.  I just responded as it seemed to be the natural thing to do.  It was a time when silence spoke louder than words.  After a couple of minutes which seemed longer we released each other.
Even with tears in her eyes I thought she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I pulled her back to me and kissed her gently several times and slowly released her.  In that moment I realized we were far beyond that strong infatuation stage of life.  Life’s reality had grasped us and that period of young love had passed.
She said, “I know you know things about me that I’m not proud of…”
I stopped her and said, “I love you with a love that goes beyond actions and only the future has any meaning.  You will always have a place in my heart that is fixed and unchangeable.  

As to what life holds for us in the future we will have to wait and see.  We each will have to find our way and live it accordingly.  I wish the best for both of us whether together or apart there is a part of us that will remain undisturbed.”
We embraced again and she said, “We better join the festivities.”
I found Laney and she said, “Where have you been?”  Then she smiled and said, “How did it go?”
I saw it wouldn’t do any good to try to be evasive so I told her, "Sally and I said hello and got reacquainted."  

She said, “Good.  She is a great little gal.  We had a good time talking about you.  I have to admit not many of us gals could compete with her on the beauty level for she is gorgeous.”
“Have you eaten anything?” I asked
She replied, “Yes, matter of fact I have.”  
“Then if someone doesn’t stop me, I’m going to stuff myself because I’m starving.”
After filling my gullet so to speak I said to Laney, “Are you ready to go?”
She said, “Whenever you are; actually I have enjoyed myself for I’ve seen several friends here.”
We said our goodbyes to our hosts and to Sally who said, ‘Yawl behave now.”
We laughed and headed for my car.  On the way home Laney said Sally is uncertain as to whether she wants to return to Princeton.  She is considering going to Stanford where she can be with the family.  She said too much freedom is hard to deal with for young people.
I had to agree with her for what is considered to be liberty turns out to be a sadder and wiser time.  
I stopped a half a block from Laney’s house and she said, “What’s going on?  I hope you haven’t got all stimulated up and are wanting relief.”
I said, “Maybe.  No I just want to sit here with you for a while before you go in.  It won’t be necessary for you to talk just sit with me.”
After two or three minutes she said, “You are scaring me.  You have a serious look in your eyes and I’m not ready for that discussion right now.”
Not saying anything I just took her hand and kissed it.  She didn’t pull it away so I just held it.  I said, “You mean so very much to me,” and started the car and drove on down to her house.
I got out and walked her to her door and slowly kissed her.  
She said, “I don’t know if I can handle all this attention.”
I said, “Yea you can handle it and a lot more… goodnight.”
As I drove on home I was thinking about the two girls in my life and the differences in them.  I was glad they got along so well.  What was making it so hard was I still had three or four years of schooling ahead and that was going to be a real test of my moral fiber.
I began to sweat from just thinking about the future.  Would either one of the girls hang with me until I passed the bar exam?  That would be asking a lot and I couldn’t blame either one for moving on.
I know L.D. would like me to be in the family by marrying Sally, but there is Laney who is solid as a rock and has my interest at heart.  The thought that someone would come along and snatch her away from me really hurts.
As near as I could figure it was going to come down to which ever one who wanted me enough to be there at the finish.
I got to get off this for if I keep on it will drive me crazy and my grades will suffer.  Right now good grades are more important than either one of the girls.
I decided I’m putting all this worry behind me and when I wake up in the morning I won’t think about who I’ll marry.  If it isn’t either one of them I’ll find a skinny, hard up gal and marry her.
To be Continued

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