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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, April 24, 2015

THE DELI Chapter 4

We resume our Continued Story
If you need to refresh what has been happening at our story - -
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Should I Take This Job ??
 Chapter 4

It was decision time for Len as he preferred to be called, he had to find employment soon so he called upon several friends he had in college.

One in particular said he could help him get a very lucrative job where he worked. The company ran several enterprises and needed someone with Len’s skills of management. They bought failing businesses and brought them back to profitability. They had followed Len’s process as he reorganized his father’s business and saved it.

One problem for Len was his new position was going to be above his friend’s level and he didn’t feel comfortable with that.

His friend said “Not to worry, you getting this job will probably save my butt, for I wasn’t getting the job done.  My working under you will protect my position and I need that protection.

Instead of buying some of the companies they reorganized they took a percent of ownership for their help that way the owners didn’t lose their business completely.

After a year Len was firmly set in his position and his mind turned toward finding a wife. This was partly because of his mother and sisters constantly urging him to join the ranks of those who are family men.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been dating but the women he went out with were good enough for a date but not for marriage.

When questioned on this he simply said there were qualities he was looking for in a mate for life he had not found in the girls he had been going out with.

“Why did you go out with them if they weren’t what you were looking for?”

He answered by saying, “The way you find out about them is to spend time with them and not just judge on a casual meeting where people put their best foot forward.”

After that year of not finding what he wanted in a wife; a woman came to the office to discuss upgrading her business. As it turned out it she owned a large company she had been given by her folks but at this time it had become stagnant and needed revitalization.

I Came to See Mr. Len Please.
After being interviewed by his second in command she requested to see Len for he was the reason she was here.

Len was busy but his aide said, “I think you will want to see this one.”

After a moment he put the papers he was working on away and said, “Show her in.”

After being offered some refreshment which she declined she was seated and a moment later Len appeared and introduced himself.

After the introductions, the woman spoke saying, “I need some help in getting my company going again.”

Len said, “I know something of your company and as a matter of fact we have discussed making you an offer for it.”

She said, “Put your check book away because it is not for sale.”

For the first time since she got there, Len actually looked at the woman. His attention was drawn to her hair which was cut short but was the oddest color of red he had ever seen. It was a dark shade of red almost a black hue you could sense as well as see.

He thought, “That color must be something they dreamed up at the beauty shop.” For a moment he forgot the reason she was there and let his gaze go from her hair to her face.

While he stared at her she became a little agitated and said is there something wrong?

He came to himself somewhat and said, “No I was just trying to see how you would best fit in your business or be able to use all your assets to your greatest advantage.”

He thought, “That sure sounded lame,” and he could see she felt the same way.

For the next half hour he tried not to look at her and laid out what he felt her problems were and some solutions for making things better.

He went on by saying, “This is only from an outsider’s point of view but should we be hired I can come up with a concise program guaranteed to increase the value of your company and bring it back into the main stream of today’s business.”

She said, “When can I see something on paper?”

He said, “I can have a preliminary plan worked out and we can discuss it over dinner tonight if you’re available.  Strictly business of course, except I would like you’re opinion on a subject other than the plan for your company.”

“You would like my opinion?”

“Yes indeed.  Well that sounds interesting.”

“Okay let’s meet at seven at Marko’s for a steak.  Let me show you out for I have a lot of work to do before seven.”

As they were saying their goodbyes he looked at her and wondered.

It was a busy day as he had his staff do a lot of vetting on Miss Charles.  Len wanted to know as much about her as possible before the evening.

Putting together a plan for her was easy for he had done it many times before.  He would only need her input to finish it up.

That evening seemed to be a long time coming for Len because he was looking forward to seeing her again. He tried to remember what it was about her that had captivated him. Her hair, her eyes, her voice; it was all of her was his conclusion.

He now knew a lot about her where she had gone to school which was a private school all of her life. Something about her dating habits and what kind of guys she went out with and her business experience. He thought this evening is going to be very interesting.


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