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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, March 16, 2015



 The Deli was started by Lennie’s grandfather some forty odd years ago.

His father grew into the business just like Lennie.

The children were expected to come to the deli after school and work till seven when they closed.

There was an alley behind the deli which made it convenient for getting deliveries especially for the meat deliveries.

Usually Lennie’s first job after school was to grind the meat for the sausages.

At first the grandfather would come in and season all of the special sausages and then the sausage skins would be filled by the father - - but now it has become Lennie’s job.

He actually has learned how to do the whole process through watching and doing part of the process at different times.

The grandfather isn’t willing to give up his perceived expertise in the seasoning procedure.

Lately Lennie has had to remind him of something he has left something out or wait and put it in after the grandfather has left the building.

Though he was just under six foot Lennie was a strong but a gentle natured young man.

His family was still holding on to some of the old country traditions such as selecting the future mate for the children.

Lennie’s folks had picked out a bride for him shortly after he was born. They took into consideration all the important things like ethnicity and social standing and of course the close relationship of the two families.

So Lennie had a wife all picked out for him by his parents. He knew the young lady but seldom spoke to her.  When he turned sixteen he was told to go over and visit the family from time to time. The mother of the girl would bring her to the deli when she would go shopping and he would see her there if he was waiting on the customers.

If his father saw the mother come in with the daughter he would call Lennie from the back to wait on them.

Then the time came when Lennie was ordered to go over and court the young woman in the parlor of her parents.

This consisted mostly of sitting quietly and occasionally saying a word or two. After an hour he would be invited to have some refreshment and then leave.

What made this more difficult was she had a boyfriend at school. They spent a lot of time together while Lennie had to work at the Deli and couldn’t see her.

One day Louisa’s boyfriend learned of Lennie spending time with her at her home and he collared Lennie at school.  He told him he had to stop seeing her or he would have him beat up or worse.

Lennie tried to explain, but the guy wouldn’t listen and continued his threats. Lennie knew this could lead to big trouble for his clan wouldn’t take kindly to anyone hurting him.

The next time he was supposed to go over for his courting session he didn’t go and that led to a heated discussion between the parents.  Lennie told his folks the whole story about the girl having a boyfriend and all.

This just made matters worse and the girl’s parents forbid her to see her boyfriend.

Lennie was working a week later when two thug type guys jumped him when he took out some garbage.
They started punching him but Lennie had his butchers belt on with his knife in it. He pulled the knife out and started slicing them like he would a half of beef.

As soon as they could get free of him they escaped but were bleeding profusely.

Lennie stared after them and then went back to doing his duties while trying to make sense out of what just happened.  He concluded he should talk to the beat cop he knew and he alerted the hospitals.

When the thugs showed up at one of the hospitals to be treated they called the detectives who soon got the whole story from them. It seems Louisa’s boyfriend paid the goons to beat Lennie up and now they are looking for the boyfriend.

The next day at school Louisa’s boyfriend wasn’t at school but there was a buzz going around about a rumble involving Lennie.

When asked, Lennie just said he didn’t know anything about it.  It must be some other Lennie.

Lennie’s family went to visit Louisa’s boyfriend’s parents and gave them some warnings.  Best if we leave it at that for the guy never came back to the neighborhood again.

Lennie’s grandfather and father sat him down and talked about their choice for a wife for him. They said they found out some things about her which disqualified her as a wife for him.

Lennie had already heard about her being unchaste but didn’t want to tell his folks about it for he knew they would be upset for forcing him to court her.


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  1. A bit of excitement, some romance and always keep us wondering what is next. Thank you for sharing your interesting post with us here at “Tell Me a Story."


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