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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

HEAD TRAUMA Chapter one

Robert's Continued story "Head Trauma," begins here and the next chapters will follow.
Just Doing My Job

Chapter one
As I was beginning to wake up I realized I was being dragged out of what I recognized to be a box car. I landed on the dirt and cinders with a thud jarring my insides. One of the two men who pulled me out, gave me a kick in the side while the other one said; “take it easy, he has been bleeding out pretty good.”

He went on saying; the blood has stopped but we don’t want it to start it up again. The one who kicked me said, “Let’s just get him out of the yard and leave him there.” The other one said; “Yeah our job is to keep these bums out of the rail yard not to worry what happens to them after that.”
Out Cold
I was dragged for about a half a block and dropped again with a thud and got another unfriendly kick. I found it hard to get my breath my ribs were hurting so bad. I lay there for what seemed to be a long time and finally began moving slowly and struggled to my feet.

I stumbled along the tracks outside the train yard till I collapsed again and lay there until someone poked me and I heard her say; “He’s still alive.”

The other woman who was with her said; “Let’s take him home and if he gets well he can help with the hogs.”

My next remembrance is an awful smell, one worse than the rugby team that flashed through my mind. Beyond the flash of a rugby team I could remember nothing. The truck I was in stopped at a place where the smell intensified several times over. 

They helped me into the house and laid me on a bunk bed. I could see now and the older of the two women said, “He done messed his-self so let’s clean him up.” The next thing I remember was two women cutting my clothes off and then they had me in a wash tub soaking the blood from my face and washing me all over.

As they helped me from the tub and rubbed me down, I suddenly had a chill.

There was one thing I knew and that was; if I could have resisted these two women they would never have done what they just did to me.

Here I was standing naked in front of two women who smelled, like stunk and they were drying off my private parts and commenting on them, favorably I might add.

They put me back into the bunk with some comforting warm covers over me and I went to sleep and slept a day and a half.

When I awoke I remembered how gentle they had treated me from washing me to treating my head wound.  
I recognized the younger woman’s voice saying; “He gonna be alright? Is he in his right mind now ma?”

The older one said, “I believe so but we gotta wait and see.”

Now, there was a man who had joined the women and he turned out to be the husband of the older of the two women. For some reason I was hoping he was married to the younger one.
Then I realized I had some overalls on and a plaid shirt. That made me uninhibited enough to try to get up and walk.  Unsteady at first; then I found I could maneuver rather well after a few steps.

They directed me to the outhouse where I relieved myself and found some reading material which came in handy. When back in the house again I was told to wash up in the sink and come to the table for breakfast. After eating what turned out to be a very tasty meal, the older woman bandaged my head again. She had pulled the skin together and put some stitches in the wound.

Oh, let me add that was after they had plied me with some strong homemade whiskey. Without that I could never have withstood that dull needle and course thread.
To Be Continued


  1. This poor guy looks like he is in for trouble. Thank you for placing your chapter one of your continued Fiction story with us here at Tell me a Story.

  2. As usual, you are doing a lot of stuff. I'm impressed!! I can't read very many things now... even the Bible, b/c of my brain issue ... but, as I said, I'm impressed. You are doing so much for so many. Bless you...


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