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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, October 21, 2013


This story is fiction – but it could be true some day.  
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Many Colors are Beautiful

Rev Al was a mighty man.  When he spoke people of all colors would quiver and shake for it was the voice of doom to the disobedient.

He proclaimed all the trouble of one particular color was the fault of the other colors especially this one certain color.

As he gained influence over the offended color he gradually brought his favorite colors to the point where they were ready to go to war against the offending colors.

This was to be known as Rev Al’s war.  It was kill, kill, kill in the name of Al.  In the end he obliterated all of the other colors and then the one color owned it all.

Then Rev. Al told the people they would have to work, something many knew nothing about.

There were no food stamps, no welfare no free medical no nothing… except work.

The colors turned their anger toward the new system but to no avail for the answer was always the same “work.”  The people would declare how can we work “We don’t know how to work.”

All they were getting each day was a new dose of “Rev Al” which was “It is those of this color that is the problem which left the people confused because that color doesn’t exist any longer.  

But Rev Al insisted it was their fault whether they existed or not for it couldn’t be us that is the problem.  This would pacify the people until their stomach would begin to demand relief in the form of food.

Then the people realized that Rev Al was the problem and his rhetoric and not the people of color that doesn’t exist.  

The people started to resist and Rev Al sent out the troops and ordered the military to kill the people who had no ability to fight back for all their weapons had been taken from them.

When the fight had been squelched from within the people through starvation, Rev Al taught them to work and support themselves.

There was nothing free anymore.  They had to pay for everything.  If they couldn’t pay they did without and did without they did.  The people cried out but no one listened.  
Oh, that things were as that they were when the people of the one color gave us everything we needed without us doing the work.

Oh that we could bring them back.  Then a search was made over the whole earth to try to find persons of the hated color that had escaped Rev Al’s wrath and after a diligent search there were two of the species found.

Everyone rejoiced for they were going to breed them and restore the free stuff society.
But alas, their endeavor was brought to naught for the two were of the same gender and try as they might there could be no offspring for the two could never be one.

The end


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