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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pig in a Poke Chapter 5 Enough, Enough!

Shot Gun Wedding for Ma
My experience dating older women was over after that episode, and I didn’t go to town for several days. 

A man from another town started coming over and sitting in the parlor with Ma.  This went on for about four months with them sitting closer all the time.  It kinda embarrassed me so I stayed out of the parlor either in the kitchen or my bedroom.

Late one night I came down from my room to get some water and peeked into the parlor and from what I saw the man was way too familiar with Ma except she wasn’t objecting about it.  In fact she was enjoying what was going on.

Pa had been gone for five years and I knew Ma was lonely so that probably accounted for her behavior. 
Still I felt obligated to go get the shot gun and in the middle of…. Er… what was happening I said when you get finished with what you are doing we are going to see the preacher. 

He started to object but when I pulled the trigger and shot a hole in the floor near his foot he said he was finished and said I’m ready, let’s go.

They straighten their clothes and we went down to the justice of the peace and shortly I had a new daddy.  After that I went over to Charlie’s place and spent the night. 

A day later my new daddy showed up with all his stuff and moved completely moved in.  I can’t say I didn’t like the man it was I just I didn’t have any feeling at all about him one way or the other. 
Along with him came his mother for he said he had to take care of her. 

The next thing I knew his Ma wanted my room.  In fact she moved her stuff in there and said this is a big room and is big enough for both of us. 

When she went back downstairs I packed my few duds and went over to Charlie’s and told him I was going to Texas. 

He wanted to know what brought this on so I told him what was going on and I just came by to say goodbye. 
He said to wait a few minutes and he would go with me.  I took what money I had saved up with me and Charlie got all his savings and off we went. 

We walked, rode, and even went by boat working along the way.  Seems that often there were chores that the husband didn’t want to do and the wife would hire us to do them. 

We would get some food and money and made out pretty well.  It took us a month but we finally made it to land in the middle of Texas. 

They were looking for cowboys for the most part but we got the jobs doing what they didn’t want to or wouldn’t do. 

I didn’t like the work but did the best job I could, after all I had a place to sleep and food to eat and fifteen dollars a month. 

After six months of that we heard there was a gold strike in a place called California. 

Several of the cowhands were going out there so we decided to go also.

By this time we had saved some money, but were determined to work our way out West.

To be Continued


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