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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pig in a Poke Chapter Chapter 4

Chopping Wood

Pig in a Poke  Chapter  Chapter 4 Eating and Courting

As it turned our baskets were filled with the best food in the place.  These grandmas really know how to cook and feed a man.

We sat over by ourselves and had a good time listening to the stories the grandmas told about their old beaus, some of which we had heard before.

As it turned out from the stories they told, we learned they did some foolish things just like me and Charlie have done and they enjoyed telling about it.

While those young girls looked good when it come to food it was the grandmas who got the job done.  While we feasted the guys with the somewhat pretty ones gagged it down and tried to enjoy the company of the girls.

Charlie went over to some of them with a beautifully cooked chicken leg and waved it in front of their nose so they could smell what chicken should smell like.  It didn’t take long for the guys to get enough of that and promised Charlie they would see him tomorrow.  Charlie had heard that before and just laughed and said; okay if you ain’t too sick to show up.

The old grandma I was with smiled an unusual kinda smile and said you are going to have to walk me home after we have a dance or two.
All of a sudden I stopped enjoying the food.  I knew the food hadn’t changed so I knew it must be something she said to me. I didn’t have time to think on it for long cause she took my arm and the next thing I knew we was dancing up a storm.

As it turned out she was a spry old thing and I could hardly keep up with her.  I looked over and the one Charlie ate with was large and dragging him around the floor by his belt.  It struck me as being funny, the two of us and our dates.

After we were wore out my date for dinner took my arm and said, “Get the basket and let’s go home.”

I don’t mind telling you I was scared stiff. She had a grip on me that I didn’t think I could break.  Her grip tighten even tighter the closer we got to her house and I was feeling sick and faint about then.  When we turned into the gate she reached for her key and I had my chance to take off running.

I dropped the basket and yelled goodbye, as I ran away.  In the distance I could hear her yelling; “Come back, come back.”  Her yelling only made my feet go faster.

Some days later I thought about that frightful experience and concluded it could have been worse.  One of the things that could have made it worse was she could have kissed me.  I don’t now if I could have handled that for while we were eating I watched her suck on a chicken leg.  I shuddered to think what her kisses would have been like with all that suction.

Charlie spent part of the night with his date. He said by the time they got to her house she was so tired she went to her bed and passed out because all that dancing wore her out. He said he finished the left over chicken and then went home.

Then the word got around that we liked older women.  All this talk was being helped by some of our school mates. 

We didn’t really mind that until some of the older widows began smiling at us and inviting us to come over and chop some wood for them. They would say, “I hear you like fried chicken.  You haven’t tasted fried chicken until you have had some of mine.” 
Them saying that tickled Charlie but I didn’t like the way they looked when they said it.

I always had a ready excuse for not going over to their house. Charlie had a weakness for fried chicken and ever so often he would chop some wood so he said.

To be Continued

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