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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PIG IN A POKE chapter 1

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Charlie and me were like Brothers !
Pig in a Poke - - Chapter1 The beginning

Tis a strange title to be sure but the logic will prevail as the story unfolds.

T’was not the night before Christmas but was certainly the night before something when Charlie and I were born.  He were a might older than I, say fifteen minutes or so.

Since Charlie was the name I would have selected if I had a choice (which I didn’t) the name Charlie were already taken when I arrived so for me, they settled on the name Georgie.

Something you need to know is both of our moms were at the birthing place at the rear of the midwives abode.  The first sounds Charlie and I made were at that place.  

Later as boys Charlie and I would often go down to our birth place and the screams we heard were frightening although we eventually got used to it. 

We would try to hold our breath during screams. Charlie could make it once in awhile until the screaming stopped but I never could.

I knew all about how the animals reproduced, but I couldn’t believe human beings did it the same way.  

Uncle Saul was the one I went to when I had an embarrassing question and this was one of them so when I couldn’t stand not knowing any longer it were to Uncle Saul’s place.

I never failed to get an answer from him although I found out later he wasn’t always right on.  In fact sometimes he missed it by a lot and since this was so very important I decided to explore the question further.

I discussed this with Charlie and he was as confused and interested as I was so we set out to find the answer.  We laid out a plan which included asking the preacher’s wife.  

Then there was Miss Mary cause she had a new little one every year for a number of years, actually until her husband died later on.

We heard there were some ladies that might know about it but they were way down on our list for it was said they charged for information.

The time came when we started out on our pursuit for knowledge and we went to the preacher’s wife.  

Charlie said maybe we should ask the preacher, but I thought since the wife was the one who produced the children, we should go to the horse’s mouth so to speak.

Gingerly we knocked on the back door of the preacher’s house and the wife came and asked what we wanted.  It was decided Charlie should do the talking cause he was the oldest.  

I couldn’t hear exactly what he said, cause he talked real low but I reckoned she heard him for she started hitting him over the head with a broom and then started in on me.  

She began to call us names I never heard in church and we were told never to darken the church’s door again.

My ma was pretty upset when we refused to go with her on Sunday any longer.

Ma thought we were being disobedient, but it was either obey her or the preacher’s wife and we decided to obey the preacher’s wife because we saw her buying a new broom at the general store.

We didn’t want her to wear out her new broom on us so we avoided her from then on.
That was discouraging, but after a few days we forgot about it (almost) and pursued our quest again.
To be Continued
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