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Monday, October 14, 2013


(This is a Short story and could be true; full of intrigue and suspense)
My continued stories will resume soon.

Our Son Billy was a genius at Surveillance

First off I must tell you I am a simple man, one who rightly so could be called naïve.

You see the thing is even though I am as described still my  intellect is above normal in some areas and because of that I have made more than a lot of money.

In that one area I have excelled.  A good woman married me; I say she married me because had it been left up to me I would never have been able to find such a woman.

A mutual friend introduced us and she took over at that point and guided me into the wedded bliss I have enjoyed all these years.

We have one son who is exceptional in himself.  As a young child he started tinkering with electronics and gadgets of such.  By the time he was ten his whole room was filled with things that he had built.  In addition he had sound proofed the basement so he could play sounds.  He had to use ear plugs in order to be in the room.

By the time he was twelve he had patented several of his devices and sold them to corporations who manufactured similar items.  Although he was making money, it wasn’t his main interest in doing what he was doing.

I don’t want you to think I’m bragging on him I’m just stating the facts as they exist.

Getting back the story I started out to tell you about.  If I was a mystery writer I would describe it as a story of intrigue or something along those lines.

As it happened my wife and I joined a country club whose name you would recognize if I stated it.  This wasn’t my idea, but my wife said we would look odd if we with all our wealth didn’t mingle with the snobbish people in our genre whatever that meant.

Anyhow over the next year I became included with a group that I could almost palate after a bit of bitters.  
There was this group of five men including me that were drawn into the circumstances I am now going to relate to you.

We were in the billiard room at the club when Sam one of the men was looking distressed and another, Joe inquired as to what his trouble was.

After some urging he began telling his tale of woe.  Now I must tell you this; out of necessity I mingled with this group but I wasn’t really a part of them for I wasn’t interested in their private affairs.  It seems Sam believed his wife was being unfaithful to him and didn’t know what to do.

After a long discussion the men decided to help Sam out of his dilemma and they included me in the effort to help him.  I tried to come up with some excuse to tactfully exclude myself from what I felt was none of my business, but the five of them wouldn’t hear of it.

As best I could understand the plan one of us was going to try to get Sam’s wife in a compromising position and through the skill of enticement find out she if she would scum to the advances of the selected Lothario.  

After some discussion Joe was selected because he was very smooth when it came to women according to my wife.  Each of us had to pledge ourselves to secrecy and to see it through to the end.

As you might expect I tried to omit myself from such a pledge but it was to no avail.  
Again the five of them beat back all of my objections.  The date was set when Joe was to start his onslaught on the suspected wife Marilyn.

I had never done anything of this nature and if I hadn’t pledged myself to secrecy I would have gotten advice from my steadfast wife.  As you can see my naïveté is beginning to show itself.

As I became unsure of my part in this charade, I asked my son who was eighteen at the time if he could do something for me.  As I gave him the details of what I wanted, he said that will be easy and added a few new twists to it.  

He had to get access to Sam’s home so when we were all at a party my son Billy (who now insisted that in public I call him William) got into the house and installed a series of cameras in every room with audio.  

His cameras were able to film in the dark and the audio was super sensitive.

In addition he gave me some equipment that was heat sensitive and would show images inside of walls not unlike negatives from an old camera for use if they went to a motel.

The time for Joe to do his stuff was nearing and I had been checked out on all Billy had set up.  I had tested it out and saw some embarrassing things between Sam and Marilyn.

Embarrassing or not the die had been cast and I was ready to follow through with my plan.  Joe showed up at the prescribed time when Sam was supposedly gone off on business.

Marilyn feigned being surprised by Joe showing up but invited him in.  She offered him a drink and she joined in with him.  The talk was little more than chit chat at first but after a couple more drinks it became a lot more enticing innuendoes. Joe finally “made his move” and she began to accept his advances but then she stopped.

By this time Joe was all but foaming at the mouth but she said, “How do I know you aren’t going to tell Sam and get me into trouble?”  As he began to put his hands on her, he came out and told her everything about how Sam was testing her and he was part of the plan along with the rest of us.

Marilyn said she was glad he told her and became receptive to his advances. Afterward he promised not to reveal what happened and promised to give Sam a false report.

After we and Sam had heard what Joe reported to us Sam said maybe I was wrong about her, but wanted to go through with the plan as they had laid it out.  I was thinking Joe wasn’t very truthful and couldn’t be trusted.

The next woo-er was going to be Lewis.  Lewis was a salesman and could sell anything after selling himself to you.  His approach was calling Marilyn and said he thought he left his phone there.  It must have fallen out of his pocket and could he come over and look for it.   She said, “Sure but Sam is out of town on business.”

He said, “Well then, I guess it will just be you and me.”  

She said, “That’s alright with me if it’s okay with you.”  He said I’ll be right over.
When he arrived she reached out and took him by the hand.  He thought this is going to be easier than I thought.  Things went much like they did with Joe.

After a while he was telling her the plan we all cooked up and with the promise of many tryst’s he told her all.

And so it was Lewis met with us and said she was solid and faithful to the end type of person.  He said he couldn’t entice her with any of his tried and true methods.

A week later it was Mosel’s turn to try his skills but during the week when Marilyn was out I had Billy go in and check on one of the cameras and he discovered some additional cameras that were not his and were not near as sophisticated as his equipment.

Also they were not very well hidden and they had to have been installed after he had placed his or he would found them when he tested the house for bugs.

This was a new revelation to me.  She was filming everything and she was doing for some reason.  Mosel had called and was there at the agreed time.

She told him Sam had to work late but they would have time to themselves and should get started.  He thought; get started with what.  As I watched the proceedings I blushed as I watched him for he was as clumsy as I am when it came to love making.

If she hadn’t been the one who made the moves her film would have been wasted.  He like his predecessors spilled his guts and told all.

Finally there were only two of us left to try to test Sam’s wife.  I insisted that I go last so Raven went next.  I must admit Raven was very cautious and only moved in when he was sure she was going to be receptive.

It took her longer to get him to reveal what was going on but after the bed time and promise for many more adventures, like the others he told all and promised to give her a good report back to Sam and us.

Then it came my turn.  I called and made an appointment during which she tried to warm me up with some sweet talk.

I have purposefully excluded all the stuff that went on between Sam and Marilyn during this period for there conversations about their plans for the films they took were very interesting.

The things she said about me weren’t very pleasant to listen to.  She was especially uncomplimentary about my manly presence to which I was offended greatly.

At the appointed time I called to tell her I had become deathly sick and couldn’t make it.  She told Sam later it was just as well for she didn’t know if she could have stomached it having sex with me anyhow.

So the plot was laid out before us and I wondered what was coming next although I suspected what going to follow.

First off Joe was invited to come over to Sam’s house by Marilyn.  She said he could spend the night if he wanted.  He nixed the overnight thing but rushed right over.
When he got there Sam was waiting there with Marilyn.  Sam said to Joe, “Come in we are just going to watch a movie.”  He sat Joe down and gave him his favorite drink and started what he described as a home movie he had took.  
They watched the whole evening Joe had with Marilyn leaving nothing out.  Sam backed up the tape on the part where Joe was telling her our plan to see if we could compromise her.

Sam stood up and said I don’t know what to say to you, my friend, or so I thought you were.  Sam then left the room and Marilyn was alone with him.

She said that Sam had done the filming unbeknownst to her.  

With the same skills she carried off her part of what was turning out to be nothing more than a scam.  
They had agreed to sell the tapes to each of the men for an exorbitant price other wise a copy would be sent to their wives and also to the club.

Each of the men agreed to their terms but said they needed a little time to come up with the money.  

I did enter the conversation once again when Sam and she was figuring out how much money they were going to get from what they called the “Saps.”

She said I wished he, speaking of me would have come over for we could have got more money from him than all others all put together.

When I was sure that there was no further need for the equipment, Billy and I went over, while they were gone and retrieved Billy’s cameras and also took the paraphernalia and stuff they used to trap Joe and the boys.

Shortly after this I sent Sam and Marilyn a copy of all their conversations about how they were going to scam the boys and suggested that they forget the whole thing and perhaps they should move on to greener pastures otherwise they would have to explain the whole thing to the D.A.

The guys were confused by then when they wouldn’t accept the payment of the requested money and each of them received their tapes.

Since no one knew of my part in being able to expose them and the resulting actions that followed, they never mention what happened to them.

Later I heard Sam and Marilyn had been convicted of scamming an old widow and were enjoying incarceration.

Billy kept the tapes for a number of years till he was cleaning out stuff he didn’t need and he destroyed them.  
My wife had come across them some time after the event and viewed them.  She said that she always wondered why I insisted we cancel our membership in that club for my explanations seem to be weak.

Is there a moral to this story? I don’t really know. Let’s just say being naïve and simple isn’t always a bad thing.

The End
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