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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, October 26, 2013


Indian Maiden
Jean was taken aback by the way she spoke to him.  

Women, especially Indian women were not as brash as she was.

He thought she would not be able to stand up to the grizzled back woodsmen.   When he asked her if she had any experience in dealing with these types of men, she spoke right up and said I have had to fight off dozens of them who thought they could have their way with me.”

She in an instant flashed a knife under his nose and as she waved the seven inch blade before his face he decided he wouldn’t have to worry about her but rather he was concerned about what would happen to some half drunk trapper if he got out of line.

He looked at her a little closer and decided he could use a little more help in keeping things in order.  He said I guess you can stay but we will have to build a cabin for you and the winter is upon us and we will need to hurry to get it done.

We will build it joining the main post building and that will save building one of the walls.  

That night he told everyone to roll out early for they had some work to do.  In the morning the day started about five o’clock with a lot of grumbling but after a big breakfast and the promise of a jug to warm the night they shut up and from there they worked feverishly in order to keep warm.

By night they had the logs cut and hauled into the fort. The next day they were a little slow getting started due to the jug, but again after a big breakfast they worked real hard for if they finished the building they had been promised another jug.

They were done about darktime and wanted their jug.  It was going to be the last one until they were off to the trapping grounds in spring.  Jean had warned then if there were any one getting drunk he would throw then out and none wanted to spend the winter outside the fort/post.

The new room had a door that opened into the post and one to the outside. Jean had one of the men to fix them some beds and the room was heated with a fireplace.  

Not much business was going on at the post, but occasionally some one would brave the snow and cold to come and buy something, but for the most part things were quiet.

The girl was called Little Dove but Jean gave her the name Elise.  A French name he liked.  At first she paid him no mind but eventually she began to answer to it.  She did most of the cooking for the post and the grandfather kept the fires going and kept the animals fed and the stalls clean.  

Jean started to look at Elise a little closer and decided she had blue eyes and hair that was almost Brunette.  He asked Lucas to talk to the grandfather about her.  Lucas went to the grandfather and asked why she had blue eyes. 

The grandfather stiffened up, but after a bit he said; the sqauw that became my wife had been with a trapper before she came to me and she had a girl child.  The trapper had left her and went back to his home.  

The girl child grew and she took a Frenchman for a mate and she had this girl child before she died.  

The Frenchman left her with me and went away.  Lucas said she is only part Indian then.  The grandfather said that is true.  In fact Lucas said she is one fourth Cree.  The grandfather looked away without saying anything. 
Lucas asked how old she was and then the grandfather said she is seventeen moons. Ah! Then she is seventeen years old.  

Seventeen moons

Seventeen moons, seventeen years,
Eyes where Dark or Light appears,
Gold for yes and green for no,
Seventeen the last to know...
Seventeen moons, seventeen turns,
Eyes so dark and bright it burns,
Time is high but one is higher,
Draws the moon into the fire...
Seventeen moons, seventeen fears,
Pain of death and shame of tears,
Find the marker, walk the mile,
Seventeen know just exile...
Seventeen moons, seventeen spheres,
The moon before her time appears,
Hearts will go and stars will follow,
One is broken, One is hollow...
Seventeen moons, seventeen years
Know the loss, stay the fears
Wait for him and he appears
Seventeen moons, seventeen tears...
by ~Alyss FromWonderland,
  To be Continued

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