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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We had a couple of dogs already, a Blue Tick Hound and a Black Labrador.

While reading the want ads (a bad thing to do) I noticed that there was some pure bred Labs pups for sale. Reduced price, I told my wife, and she decided to go over to look at them, for we had some Labs in the past and still had one.

After some time she came back with this black puppy and was $150.00 dollars poorer. To me he looked like a Luke so that was the name given to him.

As it turned out Lukey was and is the most selfish dog we have ever had. Even as a young pup he would contest the other dogs for all their toys. He would hang on, and they couldn’t shake him loose. They would turn around and around and he would be sailing in the air hanging onto the toy but he refused to release the toy.

The other dogs finally have given up and just let him have whatever he wanted.

One thing about Lukey is that from the beginning he knew what/who he was; there was no confusion about his nature and the things that was natural to his species. There were a few things he had to learn about what was acceptable to us and for the most part he adjusted his behavior to please us.

Some of his habits had to change or let be droped off in order to be what we considered a good dog.

Lil Luke is a dog’s dog and the other dogs accept him as a dog, this is best illustrated when he approaches a tree, and all three of them do what dogs do on a tree.  (Talk about togetherness).

Wouldn't it be great if all Christians were Christian's Christian in the same sense that Luke is a dog’s dog? Where everything we did was what Christians ought to do, and not do that which is contrary to their new nature.

As I muse (think) about this I conclude that I need to put this in a form that doesn’t confuse me but can be operational in my Christian walk.

Being simple minded I need to have things spelled out for me just “Thou shalt not” is a little too vague for me. Perhaps in my next blog I will have figured things out a little better (or maybe not).

In any case every time I see Lil Luke I’m reminded that he has it all together and for myself - - I need to work on some things.

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