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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It is almost 32 years ago since the fateful day when Mt. Helens erupted. 

The 1980 event was the deadliest and most destructive volcanic eruption in the history of the United States of America.

Harry Randall Truman became a celebrity because he refused to leave what geologist had declared a danger zone.

Having been a soldier and survived the torpedoing of the Tuscania on February 5, 1918, off the coast of Ireland, he was acquainted with danger.

In 1926 he became caretaker of the Mount St. Helens Lodge, located at the foot of Mount St. Helens beside Spirit Lake and remained so until his death.

He became somewhat of a folk hero due to his stubbornness when the rangers tried to get him to move out of danger. He refused to leave this most beautiful Edenic spot saying, "If the mountain goes, I'm going with it.” I saw him several times on television for reporters thought it was a great human interest story, they interviewed often. Songs and poems were written about him and a movie with Art Carney was made.

Harry had all the information about the danger the mountain posed but still he refused to budge. The notoriety, and all the attention may have had something to do with his determination to remain even though he had been thrown from his bed by several occurring earthquakes.

Then came the day when the mountain exploded and devastated much of the surrounding area including the lodge where Harry and his 16 cats are now entombed beneath 150 feet of volcanic debris.

image courtesy
image courtesy
Cigarette packages have warnings about the danger of cancer due to smoking yet people by the millions still smoke.

Many people still do not accept the harm that alcohol can do to their bodies, despite government warnings and the multitude of derelicts on Skid Row and the families destroyed by drinking.

The church of Christ Jesus has issued the warning that those who do not receive Christ as their savior will end up in Geheena forever. There are many like Harry that still refuse to accept GOD’S offer of salvation.

Just like Harry who could not stop Mt. Helens eruption by his stubbornness - - those who refuse God's salvation will be lost and that without remedy.

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