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Thursday, January 26, 2012


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If there ever was a day when we must use our smarts it is today.

We are being victimized by so many forces not the least of which are the media, the politicians, corporate entities, spiritual forces and in some cases our spiritual leaders.

Now is the time that we must evaluate everything that is being dumped upon us from whatever source and judge for ourselves the merit of it. All these forces are designed to do one thing and that is to tell us how we should live and to control us as far as they possibly can.

ABC NBC CNN all guilty
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 The media; I suppose we should be thankful that there is some resistance to the onslaught social engineering that is going on.  The half lie is the modus operandi of these people and to be controled by regulation instead of law is the order the day.  

They tell us what lifestyles we must accept and what vices we must embrace as normal.  They would have us believe that a measure of drugs is useful for both clouding the mind as well as creating a dependency which leads to control of the willing victim.

If there is a master plan the key component is total dependency upon the ruling force with a penalty for non-compliance.

They invent illusions when it comes to elections, creating false images much like the zealots in the Old Testament did with their false gods.

They capture the imaginations of our children with fantasies and lead them in ways they should not go.

Politicians are the servants of those who control their future with philosophy and dollars. They are not allowed to act and think for themselves as they only follow orders. Just examine their voting records.

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Clergy; today in so many cases the clergy (not all) are a prime case of the blind leading the blind into the ditch and then convincing these ditch dwellers that this is GOD’S plan.

If you have a leader who is truly faithful to GOD and his word you are most fortunate and should be most grateful.

For the Christian we are again at the point of choosing whom we will serve. Whether it be the societal ogre that wishes to rule us, or staying on course being a free thinking servant of GOD, who refuses to bow to the great image set up as in the days of Esther.

May we refuse to be deterred from being a Spirit led Bible believing servant of GOD, and let the rest of the world go to hell if they chose to do so.

It’s time to stop whining about what other people are doing and stand tall without being apologetic to anyone or under any circumstances.

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