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Thursday, January 5, 2012


I admit that the word retrospect describes (To contemplate the past.) something I’m guilty of doing quite often. My biggest problem is in remembering issues as they were and not as I wished them to have been.

Considering the Past
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This is something that just happens because I don’t just sit around and try to bring up past events.

One of my recent excursions in the past had to do with a group of girls between eight to ten years old, three of them being my daughters. I decided to start an octet singing group using them at the church. I certainly wasn’t qualified to do this but I never let qualifications get in my way of trying something. Skipping over many details the girls did pretty good and were singing often. I managed to get them on the radio from time to time and they thought they were something else.

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One Christmas I wrote a Christmas cantata and the girls presented it in the church we attended. A musician friend of mine did the score and it was what it was. I may still have a copy of it somewhere in our files although we have gotten rid of many of our treasures.

Many years later one of the girls who turned out to be a very good musician came up to me and said how she remembered the little choir, and it was there where she learned to sing harmony.  She was the youngest about age 8 at that time.

A few years ago the musician who scored the cantata asked me if I still had the words and music and I found a copy and gave it to him. He said he wanted to work on one or more of the songs.

Fast forwarding again he took several other songs I had written melodies and wrote words to and then he orchestrated them. It was an in home project without the elaborate recording studio equipment but he finally produced a CD of my songs.

In retrospect I know that I’m not a song writer or for that fact you couldn’t call me a real musician, but I didn’t let me that stop me. It seems that there are some times you have to go for it and if you fail - - you move on and try something else.

Some of the great men of GOD have had to do that which was beyond their ability and they succeeded because they had to depend upon GOD instead of them selves.

They are not alone in this for many of you have had the same experience when it became necessary and it was left up to you to get it done.

I wonder what will come up out of my memory banks next of its own volition and without any conscious help from me.

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