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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, November 21, 2011


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It was just another day, hot, busy with everyday pressures.

I stopped at a sandwich shop and grabbed a hot dog, filled with Sodium phosphates, Potassium lactate, meat and the usual substances all of which I loved as long as it had all the trimmin’s.

As usual I was in a hurry and irked by having to stand in a line while others made up their mind, I knew what I wanted which was a hot dog and to get served quickly. I was between jobs and needed to get to the next job or so I thought.

As I was leaving I saw a woman that I didn’t wish to get into a conversation with and having to talk about unnecessary things. But then she spotted me and having caught my eye - - I was stuck for I always tried to be polite in every situation.

After covering all the niceties I enquired after her son who I considered to be a fine young man. She then gave me some bad news I didn’t want to hear. Her son had overdosed on drugs and was dead. All of a sudden I lost my appetite and had that hollow feeling inside.

I taught a Sunday school class and this young man was in it for some time and was progressing in the things of GOD. 

The families in our church were not poor but most were just getting by like so many of us. They were at church every time the doors were opened to worship the Lord.

Then one day the father went into business with his brother and over time they became successful began to make much money. They never had anything before, so when they could afford it they bought the things they desired which was fine.

Then one day they bought a big boat, having spent an outrageous price for it. It was exceptionally large, extremely nice and parked in a boat slip.

After this the family stopped coming to church and the boy never came to my class anymore. When I went to visit to find out why he wasn’t in church and in my class, they would make up some excuse.
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One day they had enough of me coming around and they got a little huffy and the real reason came out.

They told me that they had spent a lot of money for their new boat and they had to get their money’s worth and wouldn't be back to church for awhile; and not to bother them anymore.  (They never returned.)

Amazing isn’t it how money can be a great separator from righteousness if you allow it?

I worked very hard to teach the boys in my class and this sadden me, for each boy was special to me.

It was some time later probably two or three years when I met her at the sandwich shop and she told of his tragic death.

The last thing she said to me was, “If you had done a better job teaching our boy, this might not have happened.”

I must admit that her words angered me, and I thought of several things to respond with, but I saw the pain in her eyes, so I only told her how sorry I was that this had happened and how I cared for this fine young man.

In my heart I wanted to say, “Why did YOU take him away from my influence?”

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