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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


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Isn't it wonderful how the passing of time makes nostalgic moments out of usual experiences? Something that was usual way back when - - was the making and using of home made lye soap.

I liked the description by the soap shed; “This homemade lye soap is an Appalachian tradition, with its historical use including the elimination of head and body lice, bed bugs, mites, as well as general household and floor cleaning. There was a time when a Lye Soap recipe provided the only source of basic hygiene available. Lye soap was generally made once a year, coinciding with Autumn Harvest and the killing of hogs in preparation for winter.”

As time passed soap was improved upon and became available in many forms such as bars, granules and liquids with or without perfume and lye soap lost its appeal.

Most married men have experienced times when wives get bored and look for some kind of relief. At that time husbands know that they are going to encounter something they are not looking forward to.

One of the main fears is that some old flame might show up, and might not be fat and bald but still look good, and would ask the magic question “Are you happy?”

What husbands hope for is that the wife will instead choose some almost harmless endeavor that isn't too expensive.

One such period of time that I lived through was when my wife had a great inspiration which was to make some lye soap. I knew this was going to affect me in a negative way.

In the weeks that followed my entire existence was bordering on misery. She was gathering lard from every source imaginable. She tried to recruit all her friends to get involved it this project. Our entire home became a soap factory and grease was everywhere. That disgusting muck was placed in my soap dish for me to use. It left a greasy spot everywhere it was laid.

I’m happy to say that after a few weeks of this experiment, lye soap making lost its appeal, and life returned to what was our norm.

Then I prepared for the next time when boredom returned, and new inspirations would open up new and untouched horizons.

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