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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Not content with laws banning talking or texting while driving; the U.S. Department of Transportation is considering adding technology to automobiles that would disable cell phones. The move is a response to the growing number of deaths and injuries related to distracted driving.

This means you have another right taken away from the people of the USA, under the guise of protecting us from ourselves.

This same administration wishes to take complete control of the Internet like China has.

If they can take absolute control of all our freedoms, then we will be beholding to them for anything they will allow us to have. As we move closer to a dictatorship, the constitution has little restraint for they decide for us just what it does and does not mean.

We are only one Supreme Court justice away from judicial anarchy, for the liberal left will then rule this country. Who among us believes that the sitting president would appoint a strong conservative justice?

The two new justices are firm believers that the constitution is a living document, and can be interpreted in the light of their own personal belief, or in other words it means what they think it should have said - - instead of what it actually says.

The judges are fast being accepted as those who make the laws instead of applying them. When something doesn’t please them they rule it unconstitutional.

The administration has begun to ban some foods from the purchase with food stamps, WIC programs and school lunches, such as potatoes because they have been considered to be unhealthy by an unnamed person appointed by the Great Obama.

Their conclusion was; we must save the poor people from these poison tubers for they know not what they do. As the list grows, food stamps will only be for those who follow the government guide lines for only the Masters in Washington know what is good for the poor.

Of course there will be some detractors who think that the people should be the ones who decide what they should eat but you know how radical they are.

As we proceed toward the American form of dictatorship we must be patient, and let the masters show us the way to rightness.
Nutrition facts about the potato;

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