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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, December 3, 2010


Isn’t it a wonder how GOD made man to be attracted to the woman, and have a strong desire to bond for life with her.  I didn’t say that all men who are controlled by Satan still have this lifetime bonding capacity.

Being partly raised on a farm, I was taught how to slaughter an animal in preparation for cooking proposes. When finished there would only be a shell left, still having the form of what they were, but with all the essential parts missing.

This is what people are when they have been prepped by Satan, there are too much of the essentials missing.

Satan’s control over man is highly customized to fit each person. They still can decide to what extent they will allow him to have mastery over them. This is the reason they are not demon possessed.

People who are reborn into GOD’S family can be honest, love their family, and are good neighbors, but may still be the subject of the enemy’s enticements.

Some people are more scrutinized than others, politicians are watched closely. They will at times profess to love their wife, but will have a mistress and children on the side; they are double minded with a double standard.

Satan’s plan usually includes enough pleasure to make it worth taking a risk on being caught. The offender could say; well GOD made me this way, but in reality GOD gave man the ability to love and commit for life. It is Satan who perverts that ability into a false pretence, lustfulness, guilt, loss of self esteem and character. This state at its’ inception is hidden, and then it becomes emboldened by being more openly shown.

Once it is found out -- the, “So what?” attitude sets in, like South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's tryst.

Satanic converts are little more than people who are getting a second dose of deception. Grandma Eve got the first and now her grand children are also deceived. It is amazing how people, once deceived will rise and champion the wiles of the devil.

GOD created, Satan decimated, Christ recreated

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