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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


From Old English appetit, French appétit, from Latin appetitus, from appetere (“to strive after, long for”)

As we dissect the human animal, and we seek to find what drives this creature, there are complexities that overtax the wisdom of the most brilliant of us.

Close examinations of the soulical expressions of love, hate, envy, greed are merely outward expressions of inward traits. We must look some where else to find the force within that motivates each and every one of us.

Perhaps it could be our appetite that drives us to do - - or not do that which controls us. While all of the soulical qualities are inherent in us all, it is the appetite hunger for the expression of these attributes that controls our actions.

When coupled with the physical needs and hunger for satisfaction, I suppose a place to start would be food. My lack of energy has stimulated my desire for food, and I (being faithful to my bodies cry) seek to satisfy that desire several times a day, to the point where I could exist several days without anything but water. On the surface this would seem to be the proper response but I’m not so sure that is true, for the added body weight is not altogether a good thing.

The same thing applies to most obsessions that are appetite driven.

The prisons are full of those whose lack of control of appetite has caused them to do that which was not profitable both to them or others.

Whether for money, power or sex, an over stimulated appetite can have disastrous results.

There are also problems when there is a lack appetite for a necessary issue of life.

This can be found in spiritual things. We are admonished to seek after GOD but this requires us to make a concerted effort on our part. If there is no appetite for seeking GOD we may come up short on the most important issue of life. Spiritual anorexics are those who starve themselves spiritually to the point where they have no desire for spiritual things, and like the food anorexics they feel no need to eat.

If found in this condition, the individual needs an Orexigenic, or appetite stimulant. This is found in the Word of GOD. By reading the Word with an open, expectant heart, spiritual life begins to flow, and the appetite is stimulated for things spiritual. Starving oneself spiritually is not an error of the understanding but an error of the will.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything else you need !!

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