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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, August 1, 2016


Forgiveness is the main issue in a life of righteousness for without it there is no salvation.
Forgiveness is needed to maintain a right standing before GOD and with GOD. Men seek forgiveness in different ways. One great denomination relies strongly upon confession of one faults as a means to obtain forgiveness and right standing before GOD. Others come before GOD and ask Him to forgive them. In doing this they feel they receive absolution though the methodology varies from denomination to denomination.  

At times there is a missing ingredient in the process of receiving forgiveness and that ingredient is repentance. Repentance is more than simply acknowledging wrongdoings.  

Repentance, which literally means to turn, is the activity of reviewing one's actions and feeling contrition or regret for past wrongs. It generally involves a commitment to personal change and the resolve to live a more responsible and humane life.

So there it is. Asking for forgiveness isn't enough. There must be Godly sorrow that causes one to truly repent for the evil done and see to it that you don't repeat the acts again. For forgiveness to be granted the petitioner must be sincere in his repentance to the point of as John the Baptist said; "Therefore produce fruit worthy of repentance."

To have no intention of forsaking sinful acts is trying to deceive GOD and will make any attempt to receive forgiveness null and void. Much of sin has pleasure attached to it and makes it hard for the petitioner to feel sorrow for experiencing it.  

This state is like unto 2 Peter 2:21-22: "For it would be better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn away from the holy commandment handed on to them. It has happened to them according to the true proverb, “A dog returns to it's own vomit,” and, “A sow, after washing, returns to wallowing in the mire.”  

Indulging in certain sinful pleasures makes it dreadfully difficult to feel sorrow for doing it and to receive forgiveness.

Galatians 6:7-8 New Revised Standard Version
Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for you reap whatever you sow.  If you sow to your own flesh, you will reap corruption from the flesh; but if you sow to the Spirit, you will reap eternal life from the Spirit.  

Is forgiveness available?

Absolutely, but on GOD'S terms.  If we confess our sins, he faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 

But don't forget the repentance part!


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