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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 25, 2016

North Of Austin - Chapter 25

Time Marches On
Chapter twenty five

Time was passing and there was at least one auto owned by each of our clan.

I gave in and bought an auto also.  I kept my buggy and team but found myself using them for pleasure only nowadays.

Linus had set up repair stations in towns all over and he opened one in our town so we had a place where we could get our auto repaired if needed.

I retired by turning my law office over to Abner’s son and now I only keep the family’s holdings in order.

The third generation was now almost grown which meant that there was some grumbling about the need to start dividing the holdings up.  This was partly solved when an engineer we hired found oil on our properties.

With cash flowing into everyone hands this quieted the ones who were complaining though some were spending it as soon as they got it.

I could see the handwriting on the wall and it would only be a matter of time before the discontent of some would make it too difficult to continue what started with Ma and Pa and us six boys.

I called a meeting of us brothers and discussed what was going on. I told them both Ma and Pa were growing feeble and weren’t going to last very long.

I laid out a plan for when they were gone (but not before) we would sell all of the family holdings. And divide the money up equally. It would be up to the brothers as to whether they wanted to divide their share with their family now or wait till they passed on.

I told them I had been contacted by an eastern corporation who wanted to buy our holdings at a good price and were willing to wait until the passing of our parents. They are willing to put up a large amount of earnest money in escrow to seal the deal.

Abner said he didn’t like the idea of breaking up the holdings but realized something had to be done and he didn’t have a better idea. I reminded him that Jeannie Ann’s property wasn’t part of the deal for that was hers and hers alone. You are living there so you wouldn’t be making a big change. He agreed that was true.

Each of the brothers said what didn’t like about the deal but in the end they all agreed that it was the best solution for all. With the admonition to not discuss this with anyone we adjourned the meeting and I had everyone sign off on the deal.

Within a year both Ma and Pa were gone. I completed the sale of our holdings and each family netted several millions of dollars.

Not all of the brothers shared their money with their kids and grandkids. This left some of them to have to find employment where before they laid around and did nothing.

Some like me divided the money equally among their kids.

I was a little concerned about Daniel for he had invested a lot of his life into his grandpa’s ranch but he said he was tired of working those long hours while others did nothing. He said he knew where there was a fine ranch for sale and he was going to buy it with part of the money I gave to him. He was now married and turned Abby and I into grandparents.

We had bought the property we lived on so it wasn’t part of the families deal and as of now we have no plans to move.

Having married when we were young, Abby and I have many years left to enjoy each other. Our kids are out on their own and are fixed financially.

So life is good; though not always easy.



  1. As usual, I appreciate your writing. I can't always understand things, b/c of my brain issue, but, as I said, I appreciate your writing.

  2. Thank you Robert for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. This was a good ending to your story, and I look forward to others you may write.


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