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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I can remember way back when I accepted Jesus Christ as the controller of my life there were some things that was unacceptable to Him, or in other words were sin.

Of course in this enlighten age the old viewpoints no longer apply. The new philosophies have taken liberties that see the old ways as being irrelevant for today’s lifestyles. This applies to the constitution of the USA. They have declared it to be a living document that must conform to the lifestyles of the most liberal among us.

The same thing applies to the Bible; as societal changes occur, so must the Bible accommodate said changes in order not to be rejected or at least so say some. Many of those who name themselves as Christian have acquiesced to the demands of this modernist philosophy.

Looking back I remember when fornication was a sin. There was a case when a minister I knew was caught having oral sex with one of his church members, in those days it was an unacceptable act. His defense was, well it wasn’t really sex, but the people didn’t accept his explanation and booted him out.

This type of conduct was made presidential by former President Bill Clinton where he made a similar defense it was okay because “It wasn’t really sex.”

There have been many changes since my early days for some of our greatest leaders in the ministry have validated adultery/fornication as an acceptable practice for Christians.

This includes the great Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson and a host of other leaders including many who are of the homosexual persuasion.

The wives of such leaders don’t usually separate from leaders in high positions because they would lose the prestige they enjoy as wives of these men. One exception was the wife of Governor Mark Sanford who was fornicating with his Argentinean mistress whom he called his “Soul mate.” Jenny Sanford found such conduct unacceptable and divorced him. It was said of her “She didn’t stand by her man, she stood up for herself.”

Though Governor Mark was an Episcopal he felt adultery was an option for him, and he wouldn't allow the word faithful be used in their wedding vows.

Unfortunately this is the position taken by not only people who are leaders but also thousands of those who claim to belong to Christ. While some might protest saying "This isn't what I believe" but their actions, not their words are what counts.

What were called “Shack-ups” are now called “Relationships.” They produce children without commitment to one another. It is a kind of open door policy without strings, where either can leave with impunity.

Apparently many modern Christians have a different view about infidelity than what Christ does and they choose to live their life rather than the Christ life.

In the final analyses Christ knows those who are his, unfortunately there are many whose works betray them, and to whom the Lord will be forced to say, “I never knew you.”

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