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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


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While standing on the sideline watching the run for the presidency one must ask the question “Which one of these candidates can we afford?”

The debates we have just witnessed had to be classed with the reality shows on TV. You have to ask yourself, “This can't be for real, can it?”

Then comes Rick Perry bouncing on the scene like Spiderman spinning his web trying to distance himself from all the others.

The President is trying to display his progress by not riding in the back of the bus - - he has his own bus.

There seems to be a parallel between the desperation of Omar Gadhafi firing a scud missile out in the desert hitting nothing, just stirring up a little dust and Obama’s bus trip where he is slamming every Republican who might be running against him in the upcoming. Gadhafi has a whole arsenal of scuds ready to fire hoping they will hit something. Also so does Obama have his cache of missiles that he will fire off each day.

Realizing that all of this fal-der-ral is orchestrated to create an unreality and to turn our thinking away from the facts, we must come back to the real question. Which one of these people will do the least damage to the USA?

The Republicans are an unknown factor, while we know that Obama will want 5 trillion dollars either in new taxes or more debt increase upon being elected.

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