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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Reluctant Bride Chapter Two

Sadie was Happy to be Teaching School in this Farm Community
Chapter 2

Sadie was excited to be in a place where everything was new to her.  A good night’s sleep took care of her tiredness from her journey on the train. 

The next day some of the ladies from town came to meet her and they discussed the opening of the school again for it had been closed for some time. Over the next week the women got everything in order and the school was ready to open once again.

Sadie was amused by the big school bell outside the school and felt it was the call to action when it was rang.

After a few problems she finally got a handle on how to deal with these rowdy kids. They were certainly different from the city kids she was familiar with.

One of the biggest problems was when the folks kept the kids home because they needed some extra help with the farming. Some times most of the kids stayed home and she had to adjust the lessons to meet the farming schedule instead of the school's agenda.

Six weeks later Lacey came to town again and Sadie was glad to see him.

There had been several men calling on her against her wishes which she made known to them. These vulgar men made their wants known like Charles had done, only they were a lot cruder than he was.  Seems they felt since she was alone they could be more forward which caused her to be more stringent and severe in her rebuke of them.

Lacey was completely different for he was unimposing but pleasantly charming.  She actually didn't know anything about him for he didn't talk about himself.

Several of the women would bring up his name in conversation and Sadie found out that he was their hearts desire.

Problem was he paid none of them any attention. He had a way about him where he could be friendly but unobtainable. This really put off the “would be suitors” but hope remained still.

He would always bring some food with him for Lacey, and he would have a meal with her. They would talk way into the evening and she could tell he was well read even though he was a farmer. He could discuss almost any subject which was refreshing to her.

Then things changed. Her trial period of one year was up and so far she hadn't been paid. They set up an account where she could charge a small amount each month but it wasn't enough to get by on.  By this time she had spent all her savings so she went to the county clerk and asked for her year's wages.

Over the year the clerk had been rebuffed by his advances so he was put off by that and rude to her.   He said she had not been satisfactory so she would only get half of her promised wages. This was quite a blow for she was counting on that money.

After listening to his sullied verbalizations she finally gave up and left.

A man followed her out of the clerk’s office and pushed her into a narrow alleyway and took the rest of her money. She saw him go into the saloon so she went to the sheriff and told him what happened.

He said it would be her word against his so it wasn't worth the effort to try to accuse him.

In tears, Sadie took off to her home crushed at what had befallen her.  Now she was broke and without a job. In the midst of her crying jag, Lacey showed up and she told him the whole story between sobs.

She wasn't sure if it was a smile or a smirk after she finished but he said, “C'mon lets go.”

Their first stop was at the clerk's office.  Lacey had strapped on his six gun and loaded his double barrel shot gun.  He went in to the clerk's office and grabbed him with one hand and shoved the shot gun under his chin with the other.

He firmly said, “Give her the money that's coming to her or say goodbye to this world.”

As the clerk heard the hammers on the shot gun click as Lacey pulled them back, the clerk was screaming, “Be careful with that gun it might go off.”

He said, “Here is her money except the sheriff had taken half of it.”  Lacey said, “Give her all of it and you deal with the sheriff.”

A minute later Sadie had her money and as they were leaving Lacey said, “Let's go get the rest of it.”

Sadie followed Lacey into the saloon and pointed to the man who robbed and hurt her.

With that Lacey hit the man with the barrel of the shot gun and knocked him down. Then he shoved the double barrel under the man's nose so hard it was bleeding profusely. He said, “Return the money you stole from her - - now.”

The man emptied his pockets and then said, “I spent some of it.”

Lacey said, “Then I guess we will have to take your six gun.”  With that he unbuckled the man's gun belt and took it off of him.  He then took the scoundrel outside and asked which horse was his.

When he pointed it out, Lacey hit the man and knocked him senseless. He tied the horse behind his wagon and drove to Sadie's place where they loaded up all her goods. She didn't ask where they were going but just leaned over on him and went to sleep.

When he stopped she woke up and saw they were at a nice looking home. Coming out to greet them was a Mexican couple smiling and glad to see them both.  From behind the Mexican couple came running four young children the oldest being about eight years old.

Sadie was taken aback at what she saw. She said, “You are married?”

He said, “I was married but my wife died. This is my brood so far.”

“So far?” she replied.  He laughed and said, “Yes, so far.”

It was getting late so they had dinner and he said it has been a long day so let's get some sleep and tomorrow I have something I want to talk to you about.

The Mexican woman, Elena showed Sadie her room and in a few minutes all was quiet except for a coyote howling in the distance.

Sadie was tired but her mind was rehearsing the day's events and she kept wondering what Lacey had on his mind.

To be continued



  1. Thank you Robert for sharing your story with us here at Tell me a Story.

  2. Always nice to know that you are writing and writing and sharing and sharing again. Bless you....


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