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Monday, December 26, 2016

The Reluctant Bride Chapter 5 - After The Celebration

The Priest was Always Invited
to the Big Celebrations
Chapter 5

The next morning after the big celebration, all was quiet except for a couple of men stumbling around trying to figure out where they were. Seems everyone slept in the morning after. Elena and the girls she hired began to try to straighten things up.  

The noise awakened Sadie although she was having trouble getting her eyes open, due to the fact that in the late hours she was finally encouraged to take a sip of the hard drink.

She never drank that stuff in her whole life, but the girls convinced her it would pep her up so she could finish being the hostess.

As it turned out she had more than several sips and she couldn't remember when or how the evening finished.

She realized she wasn't in her bed for this one was much larger than hers. Another thing she became aware of was she had no covers on her and no night clothes on either. In fact she was buck naked.

She finally got enough strength to roll over and she saw a naked man in the bed with her.  The knowledge of that paralyzed her and she couldn't move for a while as she tried to remember how this all happened.

As her mind cleared a bit she wondered who was in the bed with her and what she was doing there with him. She looked for some covers but couldn't find anything except a pillow. The man didn't have anything on him either.

She observed her clothes scattered around the room so she slipped out of the bed quietly and started retrieving her things.

The man woke up and turned over. It was Lacey! He was laying there in plain sight of Sadie and she couldn't help but stare at him while he was trying to wake up.

Without much success, she tried to cover herself with the pillow, as he finally stood up and very slowly tried to find his clothes and put them on.

Lacey was totally unembarrassed even though he was naked and he took his time getting dressed.

Sadie was doing her best to keep herself covered as she dressed but it made it more difficult to put her clothes on.

He finished dressing and walked out without saying a word to her. She never said anything either.

When she left Lacey's room Elena looked her up and down with a suspicious eye and then began to laugh.  She continued to do this every time she saw Sadie that morning.

Sadie hadn't seen Lacey since early morning, and it was almost twelve now. A few minutes later he came in and had Elena's Priest with him.

He came over and kissed Sadie and said, “We might as well get this over with.”

Sadie said, “Get what over with?”

“Our wedding what'd think?”

She said; “I didn't say I'd marry you.”

He smiled and said, “Sure you did… maybe you don't remember saying I want you so badly now, we can be married tomorrow first thing.”

She said, “I don't remember anything like that.”

He chuckled and said, “What do you think happened last night?  Don’t you remember me proposing and you accepting?”

“No,” she answered.

He went on and asked, “You don't remember what happened afterward?”

She said, “I think I know what happened afterward whatever afterward was.”

He went on; “I thought you knew we were going to be wedded someday. It just so happens today is the day.”

She started to object further when Elena stepped up and whispered something in Sadie's ear.

Sadie turned back to Lacey and said, “Today is the day, Padre proceed please.”

After breakfast all the guests left and Lacey hoped they all made it home for some of them weren't too steady on their feet. Everyone agreed that it was the best party they had ever been to.

Sadie asked Elena why the Padre was there and she said; after these big doings there are a few who need to get married and it was that way here today. Two couples got married before you and two more afterward.

Sadie said it was mighty convenient that he was here today.

When the kids heard Sadie was their new mom they hugged her till she could hardly breathe. They wanted to know what to call her and she said either ma or mom whichever you like the best they agreed mom sounded the best. 

And so it was; after over two years of breathing the same air they consummated their love for one another.

As Elena predicted, Sadie she gave birth to her firstborn nine months later and that was just the start of many more that came after that.

As Lacey predicted he became rich from the mine.  

As Cousin Bette predicted she could get as many men as she wanted. So far she has wanted five and is working on number six. 

And everyone lived happily ever after.

The End

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