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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Relucrtant Bride Chapter 4 - A Visit from Cousin Bette

Cousin Bette Came to Visit
Chapter 4
Unexpectedly a distant cousin came to visit and she immediately began to interfere with Sadie's work with the children.  She also began to make advances to Lacey some of which were unseemly in Sadie's eyes.  

As Lacey mostly ignored her undignified mores she stepped up her pursuit of him.  At times she was all over him and was getting a little response from Lacey.  

Sadie thought he was human and should be stimulated by the cousin’s seductive moves.   She finally said to Lacey; don't you think it is time for Cousin Bette to call it a visit and return home? The children have been observing the way she is acting with you and are asking questions about her unseemly conduct.  

She went on and said; perhaps it isn't my place to speak but unless you are interested in her as a mate she needs to leave and not come back.  

This shocked Lacey to hear Sadie to speak out like this. He realized what Bette was doing and truth be known he was enjoying some of it. He had been too long without female company and he knew it. 

It was a week later when Lacey took Bette aside and told her that he would have one of the hands take her to the station tomorrow. You better get started packing today so as not to miss your train.  

She looked shocked but said she would do as he said.  Later she was heard mumbling to herself; “What's the matter with that guy doesn't he know a good time when it's offered to him.”  She went on saying; “He missed the best night of his life, he just doesn't know it.”

 That evening the conversation was about the farm and the cattle. Nothing was said about Bette leaving except Lacey asking if she was packed and ready to go. She said yes and would be glad to get back home among her friends.  

Lacey was glad to hear she was taking his advice and going for he didn't know how much longer he could fight her off for she was very alluring although somewhat brash.

Sadie was all smiles after Bette was gone and this without any obvious reason. She had to admit she had no claims on Lacey. Her only tie to him was his children and her responsibility for their education.

As it turned out she took care of them twenty four hours a day not unlike a mother would. She could hardly get enough privacy for a bath for they were always in need of something.

During the warm season she would take them to the river a short distance away from the house and they would all bathe. She taught them all to swim. She didn't want to worry about them drowning when she needed to get out of their sight for a few minutes.

Unlike regular school there was no summer vacation. School continued year round for them except when Sadie took them town so they could see the shipping of cattle to market. They would ride on the stock train in the passenger car with Lacey and some cattle buyers. Lacey would get a little testy if someone made a suggested remark about wishing they could afford a schoolmarm. The inference being something unseemly was going on between him and Sadie.

When they got to Chicago they stayed in a hotel where Lacey and the foremen stayed. Lacey would join in on some of the shopping trips to make sure they didn't get to extravagant and buy stuff they would never use.

Sadie was more tight fisted than Lacey but he thought he kept tighter reins on spending than her. Sadie always made sure they experienced some form of entertainment and went to a museum or other place with historical value.

Lacey was very protective of his children and when Lacey couldn't accompany them on their excursions he sent one of the cow hands to keep watch over them.

When the business was finished and they were on the way home Lacey spent the time with the kids. Eating in the diner with their dad was a special treat for them. He was surprised at how far they had come with their studies. He congratulated Sadie on the job she was doing. He seemed to be in a good mood so she figured his business dealings went well.
He told her he would be spending more time at home now since he had made the deal he just finished.

He went on saying something I never talked about was a mine I have been developing and now that it is producing I was able to sell a half interest in it to a mining company. They will take over the running of it and we will share the profits made from it. If all goes well I will be a rich man shortly.

Sadie had never paid any attention to the money situation she just figured between the farm and the ranch there was enough money to keep them well fed and cared for.

Lacey was happier than she had ever saw him. He said we are going to have a celebration. As soon as we get home, you and Elena prepare the biggest party ever given in this part of the country.

She thought he would calm down by the time they arrived home but the opposite was what happened. Sadie left the food, drinks, and music to Elena and Sadie did the decorating and the inviting. Lacey kept coming up with new ideas as to what to do to the point where the women were hoping  the day would soon arrive and no more extra add on's coming forth from Lacey. 

The celebration day was here at last. It started with a big breakfast for everyone who had arrived the day before. Elena had hired a half dozen extra Mexican girls to help with all the preparation. As soon as the breakfast was cleared away the real preparation got started. A steer had been killed and was on a huge spit being turned over and over.

People were arriving and were eating the food as fast as it was put out on the tables. The musicians appeared and started playing so the dancing could begin.  Then in the afternoon the hard and soft drinks were brought out: and the party really livened up.  The festivity lasted well into the night and people were sleeping everywhere.

Elena was worn out from all the work and Sadie had all the celebration she could handle.   Sadie found a corner to rest and passed out from exhaustion.
To be Continued

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