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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Fourth Man - Chapter 29 Finish

Today is the final chapter for the story of the Riley Clan. 
A New Story begins soon.
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A Still Growing Family !

The Chen family grows

Cherri had one child with husband, Tom and was expecting another.  May Chen had finished her schooling and was just about as pretty and smart as Cherri.
Charley (Chen Tu) was employed at the auto dealership keeping the cars they sold in running condition and had married one of the Chinese girls in town.

Jimmy had fallen in love with May Leng and after wooing her for some time she finally married him.

She decided that if Cherri’s marriage to Tom had worked out she would marry a Caucasian also. When they first started dating he was a little skittish about being with an oriental until she asked him; “What does a white girl have that I don’t?”

As far as he could see the answer was nothing so after that he pursued her relentlessly till she agreed to marry him.

This wasn’t the end of the story but my memory has faded a bit so instead of getting it wrong I’ll just stop here. The family was growing so fast I couldn’t keep up with them.

Patriarch Les

From time to time Les would think back to the time he joined up with the three robbers and became the fourth man in the train robbery.  He doesn’t talk about it for he isn’t proud of it. Yet on the other hand if he hadn’t done what he did there would not be what we see today.


Chen was a large part of our story.  He was the one bringing Sarah to keep house for Les, at the ranch, and was also a key part to our story.  His own wife and family were accepted as one of the Riley’s.


So strong and the tamer of Les.  She became the true matriarch of the Riley clan. No one questioned her authority on the Riley Ranch. She taught her children the how’s and why’s of a happy home including discipline, and of bedroom intimacy.


Billy was an anchor in the Riley holdings while the rest of the children were growing up he kept the ranches in order.

Missy and Caroline

Missy and Caroline both went to the East coast and married into society. They come back to the Riley ranch once a year and bring their offspring. Those kids are totally different than the ones who live on the ranch.

James and Betsy

James pretty much runs the Riley ranch nowadays. It has been maximized so far as the production of cattle. Betsy has settled in as a ranch wife. Living at the main ranch house with a husband and several kids keeps her busy.


Cappy is the consummate business man. With the oil wells in full swing he spends a lot of time in the office. He lives a short distance down the road so he can run home anytime he feels the urge to.  Etta as promised has produced several little Cappy’s.

Jim and Jones

The two hands that brought the herd from down South after Les took over the ranch are both married and have children of their own. They have made a lot of money and their kids will be well fixed when Jim and Jones pass on although they will not have a piece of the Riley Ranch.

There are so many more involved at the ranch and the other enterprisers, far too many to mention.

So we must say farewell to the Riley’s.  It has been a happy trail to follow.  One we can never travel again.


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