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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Fourth Man - Chapter 21


Sarah’s boy

Sarah’s baby was a boy which made Les proud.  He said, “I want to name him Captain. I will call him Cap or Cappy and when he is all grown up people will call him Cap Riley which will demand respect.”

Mai and Mamie had girls so there was one new boy and two new girls around the ranch. This made five for Sarah three for Mai and One for Mamie.

Mamie got to name her baby because it was a girl and she called her Esther.

Mai said her new girl would be called May Leng so she has a Cherri Leng and a May Leng.  She said that makes it easier for she would just call Leng and whichever one came they would get the reward or task to do.

Sarah said  that since this was going to be her last child and she was going to spoil him. Les said I suppose you will for you have spoiled the others.  

At times she would say I wonder how my Missy is doing. Missy didn’t write very often and it was too far to go visit. Then she got a letter from Missy saying she had married a ship builder’s son and was very happy.  She had very little else to say but at least it brought them up to date.

Sarah had tears in her eyes and said, “Billy, Missy and James all happily married and Caroline is coming right along also. It won’t be long before the boys will be after her.  Thank goodness at least it will be a long time before Cappy gets caught up in a romance.”

Mia’s children were all growing up like the rest on the ranch.  Cherri Leng was almost nine and she was very comely for a Chinese girl… I guess. Their boy Chen Tu was six and wanting to be a cowboy instead of a house boy and cook like his father.

Jim’s and the Jones children were all growing up in the ranch environment and felt like they were as much a part of the place as the rest of the family.  This was I suppose because of Les and Sarah were treating them that way.

I almost forgot about one of the most important members of the family and that was Rene’e and Slim.
She had a child about a year ago and it was a girl she named Aimee. Every one called her Amy. She was a cutie and was going to be as pretty as her mother. Rene’e said she would send her to France for a year when she was fourteen to live with her grandmother. She said her grandmother was something special.

James comes home

James wrote he would home on Saturday and wanted someone to meet him. Les, Sarah, and Betsy were planning to be the ones to meet him.

They drove the buggy into town and were waiting for him about the time it began to rain. Les put down the side covers and the front protection on the buggy.  James ran for cover and he hugged his folks and then embraced Betsy with a long kiss.

He said I have waited for that for a long time. She responded but not with as much enthusiasm as he expected.

He asked, “Is there something wrong?”  and she said, “No nothing.”

It was cozy in the buggy on the ride home and she began to warm to his kisses.  By the time they arrived home she was all over him.

There was quite a crowd at the ranch when they arrived home and everyone had questions for James. He tried to answer all their questions but then said me and my bride whom I scarcely know are going away for a couple of weeks and then it will be back to the ranch business.

By the time they got to bed it was getting late but they quickly started to know each other again.

I will Never be Unfaithful Again !!
During the evening she had been nervous and was hoping Billy wasn’t going to tell James about her unwise adventure.  Earlier Billy took her aside and said, “All is forgotten so get on with your life and be happy.”

She said, “What about Jim and Caroline?”

Billy said, “Caroline was a party to this mess and she doesn’t want Les to know about it she won’t say anything.  As for Jim he is the best friend you have. It was Jim who convinced me to give you a second chance, so don’t let him down.  
There is one thing more, the Riley’s are a kind and loving bunch, but they can be very severe when things are askew. Just remember with us family is everything and anyone who is not open and honest will suffer the consequences and by the way how’s your backside.”

She said, “Much better thank you, I’ve told James I slipped on the river bank and that will be the last lie I ever tell him.  Billy you are the best brother a guy and gal could ever have and next to James I love you the most.”

I'll Never Tell
Mamie asked Billy, “What was that discussion about.”  He said, “It was a private matter and actually none of your business.”

She knew when he took that tone I was time to back off and if it ever was the right time for him to tell her he would.

After two weeks James and Betsy returned from their second honeymoon and Sarah thought this is the first time she has looked happy since James had left for school.

Betsy had a renewed strength after Billy assured her all was forgotten for she knew him to be a man of his word and she could trust him.

It was sometime later that Jim was talking to Billy and said James and Betsy seem to be very happy. Billy said yeah. I’m glad we handled that situation the way we did.

We could have made a bad mistake on that one, to which Jim agreed.
To Be Continued


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