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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Fourth Man - Chapter 28

Love is in the Air
Sarah makes a decision

Sarah was a woman who understood her husband, her children, and their chosen mates. While she didn’t always act on that knowledge she always stood ready if it became necessary.

She had tamed Les down to where he was under her control when the situation was called for. If she said sic, um he would be all over the circumstance and if she said to calm down he would respond with a slowness of action. She did all this without seemly impugning his authority.

She told Les, “It is time for Cappy to marry that girl so the wedding will be in few days after I talk with her.”

We need to Talk
It wasn’t what you might call an ordinary conversation for a future mother-in-law to have with a future daughter-in-law, but two women getting down to the nitty gritty about married life.

She told Etta things gained from her observations of Cappy that reached back to when he was born.  She went on at length about what it would take to keep him happy and dare I say it… obedient to her.

Every woman needs to know how to keep her man under her control without him knowing it.

After she had finished she said, “Now it is up to you to make your marriage a success for I have given you the secrets of that kind of marriage.”

She went on after finding out when her monthly cycle would occur and set the date for the wedding.

The last thing Sarah told her was, “I will tell Cappy how to keep you satisfied and happy and he better listen to me or else.”

Etta didn’t know what to say for no one had ever been so frank and open with her so she just said, “Thank you I feel almost ready for that boy where before I felt I was plunging into the darkness.”

Sarah said, “I know that feeling and that is why I have talked straight with you.”

Etta was limp for Sarah was the smartest, uninhibited woman she had ever met. She knew she could never lie to Sarah and if there was a problem with Cappy she was the one to talk to.

The wedding day Sarah had set for them arrived and the ceremony took place.

They had planned to go on a honeymoon like the rest of the family had done except they had decided to spend four days at home before they left.

After they left Les said, “I think they are going to be happy if all the moaning she was doing means anything.”

He went on and said, “With us, James and Mamie, and now Cappy and Etta living in this house there is going to be a lot of racket at night and I think we have you to blame cause you have been our educator in this matter; as he moved over next to her.

Cappy and Etta return from their Honeymoon

When the newlyweds return they were all smiles and everyone could see they were happy.

Sarah said, “If you ever need to talk to me you know where I am.”

Etta said, “Everything worked out just as you said it would especially the part; all it takes is practice.

Sarah said, :”Good now get settled in while Cappy decided what he wants to do now that he has responsibilities.”

Cappy returned to the saddle after his return from the honeymoon but after a couple of weeks he found himself coming home early to be with Etta.

He couldn’t stay away from her for too long a time.

Sarah told Les, “I think that gal is driving him crazy from the way he is acting.”

Etta talked to Sarah and asked if all men were after their wives like Cappy was?

Sarah said I don’t know for sure, maybe not as much as Cappy is.  I think it has something to do with you, for he sure wants to be with you.  Perhaps he will slow down after six months or so and get in a normal routine.”

Etta said, “Well I don’t mind and am not complaining I was just wondering… it seems we spend a lot of time in the bedroom.”

Sarah said, “Don’t worry it won’t hurt you and is one of the youthful pleasures that will fade away over time.”

Etta said, “Thanks mom… I think I hear him calling me.”

Etta’s teaching career is over

Cappy wanted Etta to stop teaching and told Rene’s to find another teacher.

He said, “Get an older woman or man, for these young teachers have too much trouble with these older boys.”

New Teacher
Rene’s asked Tom for some recommendations for a replacement for Etta. He gave her a list of candidates to choose from and she selected a woman it her forties.

The new teacher was all business and was just what they needed for their rowdy bunch.

Tom wanted to know why Etta wanted to quit after such a short time and Rene’s said, “Cappy wanted her at home and she was going to have a little Cappy in a few months.”

She continued, “Cappy was thinking about seeking out a job not directly involved with raising Cattle. He feels he isn’t really needed on the Riley spread with James, Les, and Jim running things.”

Tom said he wanted to talk with Cappy and they met the next morning and went for a ride.  After about four hours they went back to Tom’s office and went over some plat maps where Tom pointed out ranches for many miles around.

Most were much farther away than Cappy had ever been although he knew many of the ranch holders from meeting them at stockyard sales and by trading with them.

Tom said he was going to have to move back east but had to get a representative here locally. For the next few days he went over the whole plan and made an offer to Cappy that was more than he hoped for.

The next month they traveled to and fro to buy ranches or the mineral rights.

When he felt Cappy was ready to take over; Tom and Cherri headed east and promised to kept in contact with Cappy from there.  Tom insisted that Cappy now be called Captain Riley or Cap Riley for he said it was far more formal and impressive. Over the next three years Tom made the trip from New York several times.

On the last trip he brought a car with him.  Cap Riley was amazed by the new machine.

Tom also brought his younger brother Jimmy with him who knew all about the machine and how it worked.  Tom said that they would set up a business that would sell Autos like the one he brought with him.

He also told Cap that they were ready to start the drilling for oil. He said that they would all be rich or broke depending on the production of the wells.

Their first well came in as a gusher and all the others that followed were the same. Over the years that followed they became richer and richer.

Cap Riley was by far the richest of the entire Riley clan.  The Riley ranch sat in the middle of this great pool of oil and the money from their holdings was divided among them all.

Les insisted that Jim, and Jones be given a share of the profits since they had been with him from the start.  Chen was well taken care of as was his family.
To be Continued


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