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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, March 3, 2014


Perhaps the Laws will Change
and I Can Have Two Wives !!
I am making progress in my life but I know I’m still a half a loaf kind of guy.
From early on, my peers made sure I knew it.  Starting school they treated me badly and said things, some true some not, but the untrue was as bad as the truth.
We were poor according to the people around us.  My parents barely finished high school and dad was working at a low paying job.  This and more all pointed to the perceived fact I would always have to take the leavings of others and be satisfied - - a half loaf guy.
The acceptance by Mercedes was the first step toward moving up.  Then the act of rejection by my schoolmates designed to put me in my place was squelched by Sally coming to my rescue, and her father helping me get into college.
Then Laney … a gal unmoved by snobbish misplaced opinions was the platform I can build on.
The saying “money can’t buy me love” may have an element of truth in it but money can bring you prestige that people have to respect.
I don’t have money, but am strongly associated with people who are rich, which is almost as good.
From here on out I will be adding a slice at the time until I am a full loaf man, and people will know it.
I attended my first summer session which covered two subjects that were difficult and the professors weren’t going to be helpful or that was the way I saw it.
They talked away from the subject instead of staying on it.  It was their interpretation of what the subject matter should have been not what the text’s (mandatory reading) said.  
Following this university lecturer was like watching an airplane and trying to describe the paths through the air it took dives and all after it landed.  The telemetry of which was to be communicated without instruments.  
Perhaps that is an overstatement but you get the idea.  He is present in the class room but mentally in fantasy land.  The other instructor is pretty straight forward and easier to follow.  So went the first day.  It’s going to be an interesting two and a half months to say the least.
When I arrived at work several wanted to know where I had been.  I had only been there a few weeks and already they were depending on me.

It looks like another late night for they loaded me up with “Has to be done ASAP” jobs.
I got a call from Laney and she embarrassed by saying, “Hello my handsome man.”  
I told her, the party she wanted had just left.
She said, “Then I will have to settle for you, my handsome man.
I told her to cut that out someone might hear her.
She said, “I’m waiting for my goodnight kiss, when can I expect you “my handsome man.”
“I’m going to hang up if you don’t cut that out.”
She replied, ‘You haven’t answered my question yet.”
“I can’t get out of here before eleven, how does that sound?” thinking that would be too late for a visit.
She just said, “I’m going to leave the light on so don’t keep me waiting.”
All I could think of to say was, “Okay fine.”
With the work finished, I was glad to get out of there.  I headed home when I remembered Laney words “My handsome man” and they kept echoing in my brain.  
I knew she would be waiting for me to come by and I couldn’t make her mad for I wanted her to audit some of the crazy professor’s classes and help me grasp some thread of thought he was trying to communicate.
As she said the outside light was on and when I rang the doorbell the door flew open immediately.  There she stood with a scant nightie on.  
She said, “Come on in my…”  I cut off the rest of her statement and said, “Don’t say it I said or I will leave.”
She led me into the living room and we sat down on the sofa.  As soon as my bottom hid the seat I said. “I can’t stay very long.”  
Her answer to that was, “Sure you can.”
I thought to myself, “What on earth does she have in mind?”
She said, “I just bought this outfit, what do you think?”
I thought now take your time you have to get right.  If you say the wrong thing there’ll be trouble in river city.
As I was trying to “get it right” a line from “My fair lady” came to mind. Eliza Doolittle says “I’m a good girl I’m ...”  Laney you’re a good girl you are so behave now was in my thinking.
Instead I said, “You are delicious to look at.  I’m feasting with my eyes and imagination.”
She said, “The top slips off,” and demonstrated it, as I thought “Shades of Sally.”
What is it about these well endowed girls that make them want to embarrass me?  
I said, “I’ve got to go,” and got up to leave.
She said, ‘What about my good night kiss?”
I tried not to get too close to her but after the third kiss it didn’t matter.
Finally I pulled away and said, “I’m leaving,” and headed to the door.
She asked, “You do want me to audit the class tomorrow don’t you?”
I replied, “Yes if you will please.”
She said, “Anything for you “my handsome man.” 
Then she walked me to the door and as I opened it, I said, “Stay behind the door for I don’t want the neighbors to see you.”
Driving home I thought, “Truth be known I would liked to have stayed the night. From now on I’m going to ask her what she has on before going there.  I don’t think I could handle another episode like that.”
Then I began to laugh, the kisses were mighty fine though.  
As two pictures came to mind one of Sally and the other of Laney… there wasn’t much difference between the two of them.  Far less than I thought before, I saw Laney tonight.  I changed Eliza’s words to say; “I’m a good boy I am” and said them over and over on the way home.
During the summer session Sally, Laney and I went out several times.  The three of us really became closer friends.  It seemed a little strange because I liked both of the girls so very much and they were just as fond of me.
The thought that someday I would have to choose one of the girls for my wife was very disturbing.
I thought to myself, “Things are changing, perhaps when it is time to make that decision the rules may change and I could marry both.
Well enough of wishful thinking I have work to do.
To be Continued

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