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Monday, September 5, 2011


The USPD is trying to get a bailout to keep it from becoming default. It is stated that there is a 5.5 billion dollar shortfall and they need more money now.

One might ask, “Why they are in this predicament?”

The answer might be in the fact their unions have gotten their members wages that are 20% above comparable jobs in the private area.

It could be that there are 200,000 more employees than are needed to do their job and their union wont allow anyone to be fired.

Perhaps it could be as reported in the Foundry; “The Postal Service employs three times as many union members as the US Auto industry, and, like the auto industry, employee benefit costs are crushing it.”

The unions are demanding a huge tax increase to pay their deficit contributions to their retirement and health funds.

For the first time in USA History, more union members worked for the government than worked in the private sector. This number will only grow as the President’s jobs program will be primarily the high price union jobs or government jobs.  So far the answers to this problem are higher taxes and increasing the debt limit.

The president looks at union jobs as saved votes which he needs for his re-election.

Higher stamps price and less service will only result in delaying the overhaul that is needed to make it viable.

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