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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Randle Chimes chapter 6 - We decide to get Married.

The Swimming Place was Secluded and Private We Thought !!
Chapter six

It was a week later when Luke and Jenny came over to grandpa’s place and I was in the office going over some bills when Luke came in and said he read the Pinkerton report and admitted the man who was courting Jenny had him completely fooled.

He said I owe you a debt I can never pay.

I told him he was embarrassing me for I had seen many guys as slick as him. George had shared many stories with me and he had taken me with him where some fancy man was trying to bilk some woman out of their money. I spotted him right off and it was easy to send him on his way. The word Pinkerton scared him and he was done from that point on.

Luke said he was indebted to me in any case and Jenny wanted to apologize to me also. I told him that no apology was necessary and that she needed some time to get over the shock of what she has gone through. I excused myself and left Luke with grandpa to finish their business.

I slipped out the back way and took my horse for a ride to the swimming hole where the water fall was and decided to go for a swim.

My thoughts were bothering me for I hadn’t had time to analyze my feeling about everything that had gone on.

The one thing I have not told anyone was I had a Pinkerton man check on what was going on with Jenny and when I got there I already knew what was going on and the man was a fraud.

It may have seemed like I was being presumptuous in the way I plunged right in and unveiled the man but such was not the case.  To tell Jenny I had been checking up on her may have alienated her and that was not my intent or so I have tried to convince myself.

In any case I was going swimming and off with my clothes and into the water. Getting under the waterfall was exhilarating and I was forgetting all my worries.

I heard another horse whinny and my horse answering back which told me some else knew about this swimming hole.  I ducked behind the waterfall and waited.

It was then I saw Jenny on the bank. She cried out, ‘You might as well come out for I can see you behind the falls.”

I swam out toward where she was. She started removing her clothes and said; “Don’t turn your head for I want you to see me again. You can tell me if I have changed since I was ten years old.”

I did the math in my head, she was ten and now was fifteen, I concluded she must have changed.  While this stupid thought raced through my mind she was disrobing.

Then I had to laugh and said; “What about your ma’s new rules”?

She answered, “I can’t remember them all the sudden.”

“Do you want me to remind you of what they are?” I said, and she said, “No not now maybe later.”

As she stepped into the water I thought she is perfect. Where there were two beginnings of breasts now she was completely filled out. 

She swam over to me and kissed me with a passion I had not experienced before. She said, “Can you wait till I’m eighteen to marry me?”

I was stunned and said, “I don’t think so, maybe seventeen or sixteen and a half or less.”

Feeling her naked body next to me was almost more than I could bear. I craved her desperately. 

She ducked my head under the water and said, “I think you need to cool off a bit,” to which I agreed.

She said, “I’m going to get out and dry off and put my clothes on and I suggest you do the same.”

She got out but I had to stay in the water for a while until I returned back to normal.

After we dressed we lay on the grass for what seemed to be hours. We were just holding hands and occasionally kissing.

It was late evening when we returned to her home and Luke had returned also. He said, “Where did you two get together?”

I told him we met on the way here and I decided to see her home.

He said that was a good idea while grinning all the time. I said, “Luke is Jenny’s Ma available?”

He said, “Yes let’s go into the kitchen.”

After exchanging greetings I said, “Jenny and I wish to get married next year.  We have talked it over and think that will be the best thing for us to do.”

Luke seemed to know about what had just happened.

I said, “I don’t believe in living in the past for the future and right now is the only thing that counts.”

Her mother came over and took my face in her hands and said; “You dear boy you will be like a son to me.”

Luke said, “Well if ya’ll have made up your minds then next year it is. We’ll leave you in the parlor after we eat.”  Then he said, “You can stay here tonight instead of going home in the dark, cause you need to see Jenny in the morning before she fixes herself up!” Then he laughed.

The next three and a half months were almost torturous and filled with pleasure at the same time.  She stayed over at my grandpa’s or I was at her house so we were together most of the time.

By the time it was to return to my home with Ma and George, I was worn out. Being with her at arm’s length and learning the inner workings of the ranch and added to it trying to figure out ways to make it more profitable was taking its toll.

The months rolled by slowly as I was finishing my schooling and Jenny was in finishing school.

Everyone knew the story (or some version of it) about the man she had been engaged to and they had many questions about it.  She finally wrote a juicy version of what happen and posted it on the bulletin board for all to read.

This was exciting stuff for all who read it especially when they added their imagination into the mix. She pictured me as her hero and all the girls fell in love with the story book me. They all wanted to be swept off their feet by this magnificent hunk of a man.

I felt so very inferior to the story book image of me but then who wouldn’t. They all wanted me to be their first lover who has taken them over against their weakly protest.

Jenny finished her schooling a month before I did and I insisted she come and stay with me at my ma’s home.  Upon her arrival George said I feel I know all about you for Randy has continuously talked about you day and night since he came home and told us of your wedding plans.

My mother (Martha) just hugged her while starting to cry. It took Jenny a moment to adjust to this welcome given to her but then she began to hug her back. Then they were both crying and talking through their tears while George looked on wondering about the way they greeted each other.

He said to himself, “It must be a woman thing.”

A couple of hours later I arrived home and the hug-fest started all over.  I was so glad to see her it was difficult to talk so I just stared at her in an adoring way.

“I have my afternoons free so we can see the sights, what few there are worth seeing.”

She said, “I would like to meet some of your friends. I can tell a lot about a person by meeting the people they associate with.”

I said, “Fine you can come to my classes tomorrow and meet them all but I warn you that the boys will want you and the girls will be jealous and a few will be catty.”

She laughed at that and said, “I have been going to a school for girls and they all were catty so I won’t have any trouble with them for we will have an understanding right off.”

The next day was filled with introductions and some serious studies. Jenny stayed in the library/study hall during the actual teaching for she had enough of being taught. 

Some of the girls wanted to know how she managed to land Randle and she knowing how girls think said; “I just showed what he was going to get.”

She thought that should get some of them to show their colors and waited.

One of them said; “Well I showed him what he could have and he didn’t take it.”

After that several more spoke up and confessed to the wiles they used on him. Then one said; “He didn’t turn me down, in fact he and I are regular lovers.”

This quieted down the conversation and Jenny smiled and said; “For some reason I have to doubt what you say but if it is true then let me thank you for your generous gift to him.  He should be experienced in the art of love making which can do nothing else but please me.”

The girls just stared at Jenny for she had handled that in a way no one would have expected.

Later when Jenny was alone the girl who claimed to be Randy’s lover came to her and said, “Everything I said was a lie I made it all up.”

Jenny said, “I know but I’m glad you got it off your conscience.”

They had a long talk after that with Jenny telling about her experiences at the all-girls school.  Before she was finished she had a crowd of girls standing listening.

I came on that scene and said; “I hate to break up this gossip session but we have things to do and places to go.”

The girls responded to that with a lot of innuendos and one said; “Is the bedroom on the list of places to go?”

Jenny interrupted and said; “Not right but later, you can depend on it.”

I said; “I have to get away from all you loose women before you defile me.”

He and Jenny waved goodbye to them and were off.

He said, “Well, how did you get along with these wild women?”

She said, “Fine but strange as it seems there was one or two that were jealous of me.”

I said, “Is that all? I thought there would be at least a half dozen.”

She answered, ‘No and neither was very convincing.”

I said; “Wow that is a real put down. I’m surprise that you want me after that experience.”

She said, “I guess I’m a little less demanding and try a little harder to see a bit of worth in a man.”

All I could say was; “Wow and wow.”

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