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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, August 7, 2015


So, by his very nature man is a sinner
Cut off from his creator
Cut off from any hope of meaning
That’s what sin is all about
C.S. Lewis

For some reason I was drawn to the quotation by Lewis and still trying to figure out the full meaning he presented. On the surface I understand what is said but hauntingly there is a deeper truth I need to grasp.

GOD’S final act of creation in the garden was to create the woman for a helpmate for Adam. This completed both the world’s creation and the man Adam. He wasn’t finished until Eve was brought forth. Alone Adam was impotent but together they were life giving forces.

Surely we can understand this was GOD’S original intent. Only by understanding GOD’S original intent can we know how we should live. The will of GOD is revealed therein and the violation of His will doesn’t change original intent.

In the garden life was perfection. Perfect diet, perfect harmony in the animal world, perfect relationship between the man and the woman until sin, in the form of the serpent entered in. This is the pattern that continues until today. The power of suggestion becomes truth in eyes of the simpleton.

Cast from the garden, fellowship with GOD broken, no longer the perfect creation, sinners in need of grace. The sacrificial system was installed as a means whereby GOD could save them from further judgment when he clothed them with animal skins.

When in the fullness of time Christ came, the period of grace appeared and we entered the place where we once again we have full fellowship with the Creator God.  But like in the garden there are conditions that must be met.
First off is the new birth resulting in the human spirit being reborn.  Then obedience to GOD’S original intent.  That hasn’t changed since creation. This intent is spelled out in clear words written in the scriptures. We no longer need to ask; “How should we live?” for it written in plain words. There are clear paths outlined. Warnings of the enemy’s wiles and the judgments for disobedience.

One would like to live in a world without evil but that is not the case. We are in a war with spiritual forces where too many have yielded to the powers of evil who have railed against GOD and his people.
Not only do the forces of evil attack the people of GOD but also they try to destroy those who have not yet seen the wisdom of accepting GOD’S forgiving grace. Living in sin does not indemnify the sinner from Satan’s attempt to destroy them and even though they resist him they are still numbered among the lost.

If you desire to stay on the good side of your creator then be slow to sin, quick to repent and repeat it no more.   
John 14:15 If you love me, you will keep my commandments!

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