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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Langcaster House - Chapter 11

Todays Story is the Final Chapter of Langcaster House
A New story will begin soon !

Our Family gets bigger and bigger

Loraine, one of the cooks was so quiet that you wouldn’t know she was in the room. She didn’t speak unless it was absolutely necessary and then her answers were short and curt.

She just went about her business and didn’t bother anyone else. She was another one of those gals who was at the upper end of thirty and counting.

As a young girl she wanted a husband and children but because of the responsibilities her parents placed upon her she didn’t get to date much.

Being around Lucille didn’t help her situation because she was constantly bragging about all the men she was dating. Because of Lucille’s teasing Loraine about not having a boyfriend they got into some pretty heated arguments.

Lucille would tell about her dates and Loraine would say she was just making it all up. Barbra stepped in and told them to knock it off or they will be looking for new jobs. This calmed things down and they just wouldn’t speak to one another.

“The Man” had been given the responsibilities of guarding the children and as the families grew he couldn’t keep up with all of them. He told Charlie he needed some help for he couldn’t be in two places at once.

Charlie told him to hire as many men or women as he needed, and to just keep the kids safe.

Having been given the go ahead to hire some help he knew a man named Bruno who had guarded children before and was good with kids. He contacted him and he was available so he put him on after explaining what he would be expected to do. He then found a woman named Joan who worked for an agency who was well respected and she was willing to leave the agency she worked at and come to work for Charlie.  With his new reinforcements “The Man” had everything covered.

There was a couple of rooms with junk in them that Charlie had cleaned out and Joan the new guard moved in so as to always be near the kids when they were in the play areas.

There was an incident one day when two men tried to snatch one of the children and hold him for ransom.  Bruno was watching and spotted them as they approached the child.  One of Bruno’s favorite tools of his trade was a baseball bat.

He got behind the kidnappers and it was over in a flash. The men were unconscious and Bruno called “The Man” and told him what happened.

He said he would be right there. When he arrived one of the men came to and “The Man” told Bruno he could go and he would take it from here. It isn’t clear what happened after that but you can be sure it wasn’t pleasant.

Loraine would fix Bruno a plate whenever he came into the kitchen and gradually they started to go out when they were free.

Neither of them was very good at this dating business but they hit it right off. After a few dates he wanted to know if she would like to get married to him. This came as a surprise because it was unexpected.

She knew from the few dates they had he was very sensitive when it came to these personal things and while she wasn’t sure about getting married she didn’t want to say no.

She told him okay she would marry him figuring she could change her mind later if she decided against doing it. The only problem with that line of thinking was when he said he wanted to marry her he meant now; Like now this weekend.

She didn’t want to lose him for he might be the only one who would ever ask her but things were moving too fast for her.

Zeta one of the other cooks sat her down and explained how things happen fast sometimes and if she liked Bruno she better grab him.  
Zeta said she knew of a couple other women who would like to have him for their man.

That certainly helped her make up her mind pretty fast and they were married a few days later at Langcaster House.

Barbra told them to take a week off and then get back to work for they were both needed. Loraine couldn’t wait to tell the other cooks about her short honeymoon and how happy she was with Bruno.  This was a little much for Lucille for she still hasn’t found her man.

And so it goes at Langcaster House. It is hard to keep up with all the children who have been born so far but there are a lot of them. It is like cousins by the dozens. The older kids are fast becoming teenagers, which brings a series of new problems that is associated with that age.

In my case Linda is all over our kids and their problems. They seem to appreciate the fact she doesn’t cut them much slack like so many other mother’s do.

All this is possible because of a man named Charlie. You can say he is kind but all business. He will not tolerate any foolishness but yet he is always willing to help where needed.

He has slowed down the acquisitions of new businesses for which I’m glad for he buys them and turns them over to me to make them profitable.

The life at Langcaster House is just in its beginnings and who knows what the future holds for us all.  A final walk through the House Of Langcaster perhaps should be in order here.

The Wynn’s are gracefully growing older thanks to Charlie’s kind consideration of their needs. He still lets them be the hosts at many social events. He manages to do this without spending a fortune like the Wynn’s did in England. They have made the adjustments necessary to be considered the people you must have at your festive occasions.

Charles and Barbara

They have prospered in every way and are enjoying watching their children grow up. Barbara is teaching them the social graces while Charles makes them walk the common sense line. He is expert in running a business and now has been able to back off a little because of having a trained staff he can trust.

Brother Ryan

Ryan learned to control his wildness after his shotgun wedding and has done very well working for his father-in-law. He still lives with his wife’s family and his kids are doing well.

Brother George

George has given up racing himself but still sponsors a driver or two. His auto dealership is doing reasonably good and his wife Doris still is the life of the afternoon teas within their social group.

Brother Mason

Mason Jr., Elizabeth, and Anne, Mason and Elsa’s children are doing well. The girls have graduated from college and are married to a couple of company men who Charlie approved of.  One of the men was Black and the other was white. They are in the process of getting a family started. Mason Jr. is showing signs of wanting to travel. His father encourages him to go to Europe where his mother is from instead of Africa.

Sister Lonnie

She is doing pretty well with her doctor husband watching over her. Their child is growing into a well-adjusted young lady and is greatly loved by her mother.

Me and Linda

We are doing fine, since our marriage she has matured by leaps and bounds. She is doing a wonderful job of raising our children, and is the voice of authority in our home due to the fact of my busy schedule.  She still has the panties “the Man” tore off of her after her moment of indiscretion. She said she just wants to keep them to remind her not to do anything foolish again

Mary and Ellen

They are now busy raising their children who call Charlie grandpa. He cared for the two of them as if they were his kids and they are invited to every family event just like the rest of the family.

"The Man"

The Man is still watching over the household and is also one of the family. He is one of Linda’s favorite people. She is ever thankful he kept her from making the biggest mistake of her life. The kids all love him and he is their gentle giant.

Much of the staff is the same with some finally getting married and moving on.

Who knows how the future of Langcaster House will play out in years to come but I’m glad to be part of it.


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