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Monday, October 24, 2016

Randle Chimes Chapter 11 - The Packing House Party

The CEO's Were Too Busy to See Us   - - -
Chapter eleven

Grandpa and I went to town to see a lawyer about signing a contract with a packing house to supply one thousand head of steers a year.

After several hours I had a good handle on what the deal was all about. The lawyer warned me about how the packing house negotiators would try to get the lowest price they could and some of the tricks to accomplish that.

I thought Grandpa probably already knows all this stuff so I don’t have to worry. Then he hit me with the shocker; I was going to be the one who handled the deal, and that scared me half out of my wits.

Over all my objections Grandpa said not to worry for the lawyer was going with me and wouldn’t let me be taken advantage of.  That sure made me feel better.

When we arrived in Chicago I was surprise at the size of the city.  Arriving at the office of the packing house we were escorted in and plied with all kinds of treats and drinks.

After an hour of waiting and chatting with the hired help one of the executives came in and greeted us.  He said they were running a little late but he would be with us in about an hour.

I spoke up and said well we don’t want to put you out so we will return this afternoon and see if you have time for us then. If not we will be on our way to another appointment.

As we started to leave the board room seemed to be having a party and all the executives were having a gay old time. I stepped in and told one of the big shots we wouldn’t be back this afternoon after all. It would be rude of us to interfere with their party time.

They said, “You guys are small potatoes so don’t come back.”

The lawyer said, “I know where the president’s office is so let’s see if he has time for us?”

We arrived at a less conspicuous looking building and the president’s office was not too fancied just functional. When we told the secretary who we were and why we were there she relayed the message to Sam the president. He came out and welcomed us and wanted to know what he could do for us.

We explained our situation and he quietly said, “I think we can take care of this without any trouble.”

Back we went to the headquarters and the party was still going on when we walked in with the president of the company. All of a sudden the music was stopped and the drinks put down.

The President demanded to know what this was all about.

They all looked at each other and one of the said it was a birthday party. The President demanded whose birthday it was but nobody seemed to know.

We left and the president summoned the security force and told them all to empty out the board room and don’t ever let any of them in the building again.

He took us to an empty office and said, “I’ll be back in a minute for I have some business to tend to.”

He came back and said, “Now let’s get the business taken care of for the reason you are here.”

He took out a standard contract and handed to my lawyer who looked it over while me and Sam talked about the cattle business. My lawyer told us it is just a standard contract, and we just need to fill in the blanks, sign it and the deal will be done.

A few minutes later we were on our way with Sam’s blessings.

He smiled and said; thanks to you I have a lot of hiring to do in the next few days. Seems I have just fired a lot of my worthless staff, and it serves me right for not watching what was going on.

I’m going to move my office to this building so I can keep abreast of what is happening.  As we left my lawyer said, “I have never experienced anything like that and I have been in on hundreds of deals.”

As we left we saw security escorting the board members out of the building while they were protesting their ejection.

My lawyer said; “They will have a hard time getting a new job in this city or anywhere else. There is no telling how much damage they have done to Sam’s company.”

He said, “Our train doesn’t leave until tomorrow so how about us seeing some entertainment while we are here?”

I said, “Why not, lead the way.”

He said you always enjoy the shows better after a few drinks. So he ordered his favorite and I had a small brandy.

Since I don’t drink, the brandy burned all the way down.  He ordered another drink for himself but I said I think I will enjoy the show at the one drink level. The brandy was still burning as the show started.

I must say I had never seen anything like the show. There were men jumping around doing what my lawyer said were doing the splits and the women were scantily dress dancing all over the small stage.

After the show which I enjoyed except for a few thing were offensive to me I said, “It’s my bedtime so I’m heading back to the hotel.”

The lawyer said he was just getting started. He hailed me a cab and gave the driver instructions where to go, and we separated.

The next morning I went to the train station alone. He didn’t show up in time to make the train. I figured he must have had a lot more fun and drinks.

Later I found out he ended up in jail and it was a week before he made it home. It didn’t matter, for I had our contracts in hand and we were fixed for the next few years.

Grandpa read the contract over and said we did real well.  He asked, “Did you have any trouble. I said, “No everything went smoothly.” He said, “Good, I must admit I was a little concerned for these men can be hard to deal with at times.”

He asked if the lawyer was helpful and I said, “Yes I was glad he was there with me.”
I didn’t mention we went clubbing as he called it and the fact he never came back with me. 
Some things are better left unsaid!!

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  1. Randle is certainly having a time, and maturing quickly. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


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