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Monday, June 15, 2015


Holy Cow ??
I personally have known several missionaries to India, one of which was killed in a traffic accident in India.  In her early ministry she had adopted two throw away very young Indian girls. What a difference Christ meant to them as they grew up to be fine young Christian women.  Instead of being left to try to survive on the streets of Bombay they were raised by a loving “Auntie Eileen Edwards.”  

There is no shortage of deities available in that land where by nature the people want something bigger than themselves to worship.  

One of the better known Indians was Mohandas Gandhi who was educated in England at the University College London where he studied law. The Cow was venerated by Gandhi He said: "I worship it and I shall defend its worship against the whole world.” 
The central fact of Hinduism is cow protection.  Gandhi regarded her better than the earthly mother, and called her "The mother to millions of Indian mankind." It was said as he lay dying they brought a cow into his room where he grasped the tail while he died. 

There is a Bhishma saying: "Cows represent sacrifice. Without them, there can be no sacrifice…Cows are guileless in their behavior and from them flow sacrifices of milk and curds and butter.  Hence cows are sacred..."

Well to some they are “Holy Cow” but here in America they are steak and hamburger.
I don’t feel the need to degrade the Indian people’s beliefs but I have found a better way. 

Even the most educated people among us when left to their own devices will look for something to worship whether in a foreign land or here in America.  At the same time they will to often reject the one and only true GOD.  
I suspect that here in America we rival India’s god count.
The Indian people say they don’t worship the cow only venerate them which seem like splitting hairs.  

Prior to the temple’s destruction the Jews sacrificed certain animals and at times ate them. When Christ came as the lamb of GOD he died the death for all sinners of the world, past, present and future. Instead of being bound to that which can only keep you bound by sin he removes the sin nature and forgives the besetting sins.  

The Holy Cow neither has nor can do anything for me but the lamb of GOD accomplished it all.  

Where the one has failed the other has prevailed. Where one is dead the other is alive and well in the believer.  

I didn’t need the “Holy Cow,” what I needed was the “Holy Lamb of GOD” Jesus Christ.  

It is easy to forget to be thankful for what Christ has done for us but just thinking about the gods that other nations worship - - sobers me and stirs me to repent and give GOD the glory HE so richly deserves.

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Jesus the Holy Lamb of God


  1. I do remember Eileen Edwards the Missionary and her testimony. I enjoyed your story about the cows who are perceived as Holy. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  2. To listen to that song... which I've known for years... was a real blessing. Thank you for sharing re: the cows and other things spread around the world in different ways. I've known much re: cows and so many other animals in India and other nations. I've read quite a bit of the missions stories in years and it has been very serious. Again, thank you for sharing.


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