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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Deli Chapters 6 and 7 final

I am posting the last two chapters of my story "The Deli." 
I hope you have enjoyed my stories.
When inspiration hits me again, I will write a new story.


Getting to Know You !
For some reason neither one of them could go to sleep. Around two o’clock she called him up and said, “I guess I’ll marry you.”

He asked, “What made up your mind at this hour?”

She said, “I needed to get some sleep and this seemed the only way to get it,” and she hung up.

He thought, “I sure like it when a deal is done.”  

The thing was, neither one of them could go to sleep till around five and he was late getting into work.

Linda didn’t have regular office hours so she slept in.

He wasn’t all there but made it through the day, only after calling her three times. He told her, they could go out after work and have a small celebration.

He wanted to see the ring on her finger for then he would know it wasn’t a dream.

He told her, “I hope you are very passionate for I believe that I am and I want to enjoy our courtship.”

She said, “You know we haven’t set a date for our nuptials.”

He said, “The sooner the better but we need to spend a little time together before we are together.”

“What do you mean together before we are together?”

“I mean like dating every night until you walk down the aisle.”

She said, “I hope that is all you mean for until…”

He said, “I know and I didn’t mean… I‘ll say it again I want to enjoy being with you and going out with you and kissing you…”

She said, “Okay I get it, how is September the 12th for you?”

“You mean get married on that day?”

“Yes that is what I mean.”

“That is only six weeks from now.”

“Does that give you enough time to get ready?”

“Yes,” he said, “It is okay with me but I want to have a month off for our honeymoon so I have to talk to my boss about that.”

She laughed and said, “You’re taking this serious aren’t you?”

“You betcha,” he said.

When he asked for the time off his boss said, “You can take maybe three days and with the weekend that will give you five days. That should give you enough time to get done what you need to get done.”

That didn’t set too good with Len in fact it was crude bordering on being indecent. He didn’t want to have anyone use those terms when referencing to his future wife.

He went into his office and typed out his resignation and said he would finish the work he was involved in except his future wife’s company for they had not signed a contract as of yet.

His boss read over his resignation and said, “I sure messed that up didn’t I” Perhaps I can talk him into staying.”

Len wouldn’t discuss that issue with his boss though they had been friends up until now.  After three weeks Len told his employer he has finished everything and he might as well take his leave now.

His boss agreed and told him that he hated losing him but still didn’t feel he owed Len an apology.

Len said I will be ready to be escorted out of the building in a half hour if that is alright with you.  Please send my final paycheck to my bank as usual if you please.

 Len didn’t plan on trying to get customers away from his old company but knew there would be a following when they found out he was starting his own business. He figured he had one client (His wife) already but since it was in the family he wouldn’t be getting paid for his services.

Since he was going to be on his own he knew of several directions he could pursue and they would all be profitable.

He enjoyed the next few weeks setting up his offices and spending time with the love of his life. The more he was with her the more he fell in love with her.

All of his family was taken by her, her good nature as well as her good looks.

I must say her family was a little slower coming around to accepting Len. They couldn’t see how she could possibly love him after so short of a time.

In their family engagements usually ran for years before the wedding took place, and were always of the same social strata.  
The day of the wedding was at hand and was to be very formal.  Len hadn’t wanted Linda to wear a veil but the family insisted it was tradition.

Len gave in on this issue even though he preferred everyone to see how beautiful she was as she walked down the aisle. He wanted to see her lovely face framed by her reddish black hair.

As the minister started the ceremony both Len and Linda were about to cry for some reason. Len decided to say something to her to break up the emotion they both felt.

He whispered, “How old are you?”

Surprised she answered, “I just turned forty.”

For the rest of the ceremony they were grinning at each other.

He thought she couldn’t be forty… could she?

As they walked out of the room where the ceremony took place he asked again “You aren’t forty are you?”

She said, “Let’s just say I’m a well preserved forty.”

As they cut the cake he said, “I don’t know if I can afford enough candles for your next birthday.”

She smiled rather big and said, “How about twenty could you afford that many?”

 With a sigh of relief he said, “I could manage that… you’re not kidding me are you?”

She smiled and said, “I can’t remember. Let’s just say you aren’t robbing the cradle.”

When he got the chance he asked her father if he knew what year Linda was born and he said he wasn’t sure, go ask her mother she remembers those kinds of things.

When he got the opportunity he asked her mom and she asked why do you want to know? He mumbled something he needed to know if someone asked for legal purposes’.  Her mom answered, “She was born October 16th and was 19 on her last birthday.” 

He thanked her for the information and started to look for his bride. Those words sounded strange to hear, his bride.

This was the third adventure in his life, the time growing up in the deli, the job he just quit and now starting his own business. And oh yes, being a husband to the girl I could only dream about.

He thought once men realized she was married they would start hitting on her for there is something about a young married that turns some guys on and they feel they have a responsibility to show the girl what a real man is like.

He thought I had better start working out again for I won’t put up with that kind of foolishness.

Everyone who we come in contact with better realize she is all mine and there isn’t anything left over for anyone else.

We slipped out and caught our plane to our beach hideaway and the first night was a little awkward but after that everything was fine.

We decided to spend the whole four weeks on the island and never got tired of each other. I felt this would let us know what things about each other that irritated us if any.

Thankfully there was nothing we had to overcome or ignore. It was hard coming back to civilization and having to go back to work for I wanted to spend all my time with Linda. We wanted a family but not until the business was up and running and Linda’s company was doing well again.

The time has passed and it is three years later. Linda has just told me we are going to be parents in a few months.

I hope that will shut my mother up for all I can hear from her is “When am I going to get some grand babies.”

Well she is about to get some from my side of the family. This brings us up to the present and I am anxiously waiting for the future to play out.

As for the present let me say; “I am one happy man.”


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