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Saturday, January 18, 2014

IT DON’T MATTER Chapter 13 Getting Even

All the Wives were in Competition to be as Sexy as - -
I couldn’t believe it here it was a month later and I was still brooding about the Chivaree.

I had to pay them back for pulling that on us.  I was in a highly excited state and their having fun at my expense almost made me sick.  Nan wasn’t bothered near as much as me in fact she just laughed it off.

The only way for me to get over that event was to figure out how to get a measure of revenge.  In the past I had heard my brothers and their friends complain about their wives being too busy and unresponsive to their advances.  It was a bone of contention with some of them.

Thinking about this ongoing lament I waited until we were all together and one of the bunch came out with a refrain I was hearing again and again, “Well how’s married Life,” and that was always followed by laughter.

I was ready for that this time and I said; “I am worn out.  This woman I married won’t leave me alone.  She’s after me in the morning.  
Sometimes twice at night and I don’t dare to go home for lunch because she won’t let me leave.  What can I do?  Five or six times a day, I don’t get any sleep and it is killing me.  You fellows must have had the similar problem, how did you get it under control?”

There was absolute silence.  They were looking at each other in unbelief.

I broke the hypnotic state they were in by saying, “I hate to do it but she is waiting for me and I promised I would come right home.  You know boys, too much of a good thing… I better hurry for she is gonna get mad at me.”

I was out of their eyesight but still in earshot when one expressed unbelief at what he just heard but said he suspected it was true for she was a looker.

One said “I wish she was my wife, I would never leave the house and I don’t know what the matter with mine is.”

For the next hour they rehashed what I said and some things they thought was implied.

When I got home I knew I should tell Nan what happened but as I got closer to the house it was getting harder to figure out what to say.  For sure those men were going to rag on their wives and tell them they should be more like Nan, and be more responsive to their needs.

The more I thought about it Nan was going to have to explain what I did and why but this wasn’t going away for a long time.  From this day forward the men of our town are going to be looking at Nan differently and I realized I had made a big mistake.

As the weeks went by the women of our circle wouldn’t hardly speak to Nan and behind her back there was a lot of hussy talk about her.

After three months things returned to a more livable state and the men seemed to be happier and none were complaining about their waves not  being responsive anymore.

The wives were a lot happier also if I’m any judge.  Through out the community it seems there was an underlying competition to match the image I created that day of my wild woman.

It took a while but Nan began to talk to me again and she would laugh at some of the things that happened as a result of what I had said.  As things settled down Nan decided to tell me we were going to have a child.

It occurred to me that I already two children and this made three.

She said me being pregnant should quiet the talk about me being a woman of passion.

There was another event that was lost for the moment but had come to the forefront as all the talk about Nan settled down.  There was a new bank in town and it was taking over the town’s business.  

What I’m about to tell from now on is based on rumor; stories people were telling and have no evidence of being true.  Let me say that there is too much falseness’ involved to consider that the reports have even a measure of truth in them.

As you read on just remember that there is more fiction than fact to what you read.  

As the story goes the new banker first took over most of the banking business and began buying up properties people swore they would never sell.  Over the next two years the buying of properties continued.
Huge Man
Backing up a bit, two months after the banker opened his office there was a man who appeared on the scene and he was an associate of the banker.  He was a huge man about sixty year old and looked as if he were made of stone.

When he strolled down the walkway men and women would get off the walk into the street to let him by.  He was always accompanied by three men who were fearsome looking.  

This huge man was the negotiator and he would buy the properties for almost nothing. No one would come out and say why they almost gave their property away.  

There was some confusion about the buyers being government men and were going to take their property for nothing so they sold for what they could get.

There was one man who when his sons found out their father had sold the home place they were upset.  
The three sons of the farmer heard their folks were to be thrown off their place this day so they showed up in time to see the huge man drag the father and mother out of their home and the three sidekicks going in the house and removing the goods therein.

The eldest of the three sons had his hunting rifle slung over his shoulder and a colt forty five in his hand.  He faced the huge man and said his father had changed his mind.  

The sidekicks aligned themselves behind the huge man spaced ten feet apart forming a wall of protection.  

Meanwhile the two other sons had slipped a dozen yards behind all of them.  One son had a double barrel shotgun and a six shooter the other had two six shooters.  

The oldest son said, “Here’s your thousand dollars back less nine hundred for rent of the place since the deed was signed.  He put the nine hundred in his pocket and threw the one hundred on the ground, and said, “I will take the deed now.”

The big man sneered and cursed the oldest son who then nodded to the son who had the shotgun.  He fired both barrels, one shot between each of the three men as the shotgun’s pellets kicked up a lot of gravel on the three men.

Almost at the same time the oldest son shot the huge man in the ankle.  He only grimaced but didn’t bat an eye.  The oldest son said to the three men not to move or they would be filled with forty five bullets.

He went on saying the other sons had eighteen bullets and were willing to use everyone if they moved.

It seems they believed him so they scarcely breathed.

The eldest son then said, “Hand over the deed or I will have to waste another bullet on you.”

The huge man only cursed at the son who then shot him in the knee. The big man still stood though blood was running down the leg.  

Without speaking again the son shot the man twice in the other ankle and the other knee.  This time the man fell while still cursing.

The oldest son told the men who sided the huge man to come one at a time and take three hundred dollars each he had in his hand and to catch the next train that would be leaving in two and a half hours and don’t ever come back or they will be shot on sight.

The eldest son said, “Hand over the deed or I will waste another bullet on you.”  The man still wouldn’t concede and he received another shot.

The huge man said, “I ain’t giving you nothing and you ain’t got the nerve to take it from me.”

Before he got all of the last word out another shot rang out which was the final one.  It is said the huge man is buried somewhere on the land he died on but remember this is just a story.

The oldest son went to the register’s office and said the deed to his father’s property got torn in half and they needed a new one, which the register provided.

The farmer's three sons visited the banker and he signed over all the property he had taken from the people and restored it to them.

They concluded that the banker owed rent on all the properties and when he left town all he took was a few clothes and the banks money went to the people he robbed.

Well I told you this was a tale based in rumor and there are no facts to validate it but there was a banker who came to town.  Yes, the Banker had an associate that was a huge man with three large sidekicks that went around buying up property that was returned to the people and the huge man disappeared and the banker and the side-kicks suddenly left town.

This story probably isn’t true.  In any case “It don’t matter” or do it?


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